Aadhimandhi | Daughter of Karikalan, Chola King

Aadhimandhi was the daughter of the ancient Chola King Karikalan, who built the Kallanai Dam near Thanjavur. She was married to Aattan Atthi, who was the prince of the present day Kerala. Mata Aadhimandhi was a noble and a chaste woman who was praised by the Sangam poets before 2000 years for her pious nature […]

Chudala | Tantric Yogini who helped her husband Sikhidhwaja attain Jeevan Mukti

Queen Chudala was lived in the Treta Yuga. She was considered as a beautiful, kind hearted and chaste woman. She was the wife of King Sikhidhwaja, who ruled the present day Maharashtra, and their Raja Guru was Rishi Vasishta. Similar to learned men, she learned the divine subjects and Vedas and considered as a worshipful […]

Princess Hemalekha | Who became Spiritual Guru to her husband, Hemachooda

Similar to Queen Chudala, Princess Hemalekha was considered as a spiritual Guru to her husband Prince Hemachooda, and it is believed that she lived in the Dwapara Yuga during the time of Lord Krishna. She learned the divine scriptures and was a great scholar. She changed the entire nature of her husband, and moved him […]