Rani Rudrama Devi | First Female Superhero of India



MahaRani Rudrama devi, ruled the Kakatiya dynasty during 13th century AD. She was a talented ruler and a great warrior. Her parents were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva, and hence they have named her as “RUDRAMADEVI”.

Rudrama Devi married with Virabhadra, who was a small ruler of the Chalukya dynasty. She sincerely served her husband, though he didn’t participate with her in the battles. She was considered as a chaste, pious and a brave woman, who acts as an example for others. She won in many battles, and fought bravely with the enemy kings.

Rudrama Devi is also considered as an amsha of Ma Shakti Devi, and she is a great devotee of Lord Shiva. She has helped in the renovation of ancient temples, and also used to perform puja to the deities.

Rudrama Devi died in the year 1295, and after her death, her grandson had become the king for the region which was previously ruled by her.

A Telugu film with the name, Rudhramadevi was produced before few years, based on the life history of Rudrama Devi, and it was successfully run in the Cinema Theatres.

Ancient women rulers are considered as very brave warriors, and they used to look after their family as well as their kingdom in a proper manner. Even if their consorts give any trouble to them, usually they would never fight with them, but used to act in a cordial manner. During their period, rain would properly shower in the rainy seasons, and food crops would grow properly. They used to give a golden rule to their people, and the people would consider them as their own mother, and gives great respect to them.

They have also faced lot of problems from the enemy kings and from the Muslim invaders. They used to concentrate their attention on worshipping deities like Ma Shakti Devi, Shiva and Vishnu. In times of difficulties, they have even lost their lives by committing suicides, in order to protect themselves from the hands of the enemy kings. They also used to observe fasting during festival times, for the wellness of their consorts as well as for their people.


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