Chudala | Tantric Yogini who helped her husband Sikhidhwaja attain Jeevan Mukti

Queen Chudala was lived in the Treta Yuga. She was considered as a beautiful, kind hearted and chaste woman. She was the wife of King Sikhidhwaja, who ruled the present day Maharashtra, and their Raja Guru was Rishi Vasishta.

Similar to learned men, she learned the divine subjects and Vedas and considered as a worshipful queen among the people. She was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, and considered him as her father. She helped her husband in discharging his duties in a proper manner. She considered all the people in the kingdom, as her own children, and kindly treated them. People began to praise her for her good qualities, and lived peacefully.

In course of time, she told to her husband,about the sweetness of realizing the god through meditation, and changed him into a pious king. After some time, due to the good guidance of his wife, he crowned his son as the king for the region, and become a sage, and went to forest along with his holy wife Mata Chudala.

She was mentioned in Vedas, and her importance is also mentioned. Due to their severe meditation on Lord Vishnu, they attained the eternal bliss, and merged with Lord Vishnu.

Let us worship the holy queen and be blessed.

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