Aadhimandhi | Daughter of Karikalan, Chola King

Aadhimandhi was the daughter of the ancient Chola King Karikalan, who built the Kallanai Dam near Thanjavur. She was married to Aattan Atthi, who was the prince of the present day Kerala.

Mata Aadhimandhi was a noble and a chaste woman who was praised by the Sangam poets before 2000 years for her pious nature and for showing her sincere love and bhakti on her husband. The famous epic Silappadikaram also praised Mata Aadhimandhi for her good qualities. Aadhimandhi was considered similar to Mata Savitri who prayed to the death god Yama and restored the life of her husband Satyavan.

She is also compared with Mata Kannaki, who was mentioned in Tamil epic Silappadikaram, and the one who burnt the city of Madurai, since her innocent husband Kovalan was killed by the then Pandiyan king of Madurai.

Once while participating in a festival, both Aadhi and Atthi went near the holy River Kaveri, and due to huge waves, her husband Atthi went inside the river. It is believed that due to the sincere prayers of Mata Aadhi, the holy River Mata Kaveri emerged from the waters, and safely handed over prince Atthi to Aadhi.

Famous Sangam poet Paranar sang in praise of Mata Aadhi for expressing her affection and love on her husband Atthi.

It is a popular talk in ancient days, that whenever a married girl’s loving husband went to a far off place for doing business, her friend would ask her “Are you going to feel sad like Aadhimandhi?”

From the epic Kurunthokai, we can know that Aaadhimandhi was a famous poet, and she was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. It is believed that due to her noble qualities, after her death, she had attained Salvation.

Let us worship Mata Aadhimandhi and be blessed.


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