Ancient Hindu Poets

Ancient poets are created by the god to serve the purpose of praising the divine deities through their famous poems. Lot of poets are born in India, and they are praised for their sincere devotion on god. Their poems contain sweet verses, and attracts, even the non-believers of the god.

Most of the poets were dedicated their lives on praising the god, and they have attained SALVATION after their death. Some of their divine poems are still preserved and read by the followers of Hinduism.

Famous poets like Kalidas, Kambar, Nakeerar, Thiruvalluvar and Tenali Raman are still remembered for their great works. In ancient times, kings had great devotion on god, and would suitably reward the poets with lot of wealth. Nowadays, devotional poems, doesn’t attract much, and poets are also not suitably awarded and they are not properly recognised by the society, due to the changing scenario.

Tulsidas had written divine poems in praise of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman, and also wrote the great epic Ramayana in a simplified manner, and he is still remembered by the Hindus. Ancient poets would never think about their family, and they would concentrate their entire attention in penning wonderful poems on the deities. They have also got the divine vision of the deities, and received their blessings. Kalidas is an incarnation of Lord Brahma Dev, and he was a blessed devotee of Mata Kali Devi, who got great talents in writing poems through the grace of the divine mother.

Kambar wrote the famous epic Ramayana, which is famously known as Kamba Ramayanam in a simplified manner, and was well appreciated even by today’s people. Tenali Rama was a sincere devotee of Mata Kali, and he also penned wonderful poems on Kali, and got lot of wealth from the great king Sri Krishna Devaraya. In general all the ancient poets were contained the divine blessings of Mata Saraswati, and lived a blessed life.

Let us worship Ma Saraswati and be blessed.

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