Godavari Mata | River Godavari

According to Shiva Purana, sage Gautama, who is the son of Lord Brahma, had performed severe meditation for Lord Varuna on the Mountain Brahmagiri since there was severe drought in that area. Lord Varuna, the great ocean god, and the reliever of sins of the people, had appeared before Gautama and asked him to pray […]

Story: Gautama Maharshi & Godavari River, Why Godavari is known as Gautami Ganga?

Story: Gautama Maharshi & Godavari River, Why Godavari is known as Gautami Ganga? What is the reason behind calling Godavari River as Gautami Ganga? Part of the water of the Ganga that got stuck in Shiva’s hair was brought down to earth by Bhagiratha. The remaining part was brought down by the sage Gautama. Parvati […]

Godavari Anthya Pushkaralu 2016

Godavari Anthya Pushkaralu 2016 begins on July 31 and ends on August 11. We celebrate Anthya Pushkaralu to Godavari River only among all the 12 Pushkara Rivers. Godavari Anthya Pushkaralu begins on Ashada Bahula Trayodashi and ends on Shukla Saptami in Shravana Masam as per Chandramana Panchangam followed in Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Godavari River […]

Pooyam Nakshatra Characteristics, Horoscope, Astrology Predictions

Pooyam Nakshatra is the 8th Nakshatram among 27 birth star constellations in Malayalam astrology. The word Pooyam means to strengthen, to fortify. Pooyam is considered to be the best Nakshatra of all. Pooyam nakshatra belongs to Karka rasi or Karkataka rashi (Cancer zodiac sign). If you are born in Pooyam Nakshatra or Pooyam nakshatram birth star constellation, your horoscope indicates the following personality, characteristics, and […]