Offer Modakams to Vinayaka

Offer Modakams to Vinayaka.. Lord Vinayaka is very fond of eating Modakams also known as Kozhukattais, which is mostly made out of rice flour and jaggery. It is the duty of the Hindus to prepare the delicious Modakams on a daily basis, and we can offer it to the first god by considering him to be one of our best children. Whenever our children ask anything, immediately their mother would readily prepare, and offer it to them. Likewise we can also prepare the Modakams regularly, in order to offer it to Lord Vinayakaat the time of puja performance.

Daily, we are cooking food for the purpose of eating it along with our own family. Sometimes we used to cook our favourite food, since we enjoy the taste of the food. But, we are forgetting to prepare the tasty food to our most favourite god Vinayaka, and we are doing it only rarely, especially, during the monthly Chaturthi and during the annual Vinayaka Chaturthi days, hence, instead of doing like that, let us prepare and offer it to our most beloved god Vinayaka regularly.

If we consider Lord Vinayaka has contains life similar to us, and if we believe him, that he would also get hunger like us, then without any hesitation, we must have to immediately do this kind of sacred job.But most of us, used to think that Lord Vinayaka would never eat the Prasad items prepared by us, by considering him, that he is only an ordinary idol. But we should not think like that! If we read the life history of the great Vinayaka Devotees, Sri Nambiyandar Nambi and Sri Vallallan, then we could knew, that how the great Lord has shown mercy towards them, and how he has eaten the delicious Modakams offered by them!

If we study the Holy Vinayaka Purana, then we could know that how the great god Vinayaka had consumed plenty of Modakams in the palace of his staunch devotee Kasirajan, and how he has given his instant blessings to the noble king!Nowadays due to the fast changes in technology, we used to doubt whether there is any elephant god exist in the name of Lord Vinayaka? Doubting the great god would create lot of problems in our life, since the very purpose of the formation of Lord Vinayaka is to protect the troubled humans and to remove the obstacles in their life. We are interested to prepare our favourite food whenever we require, and we are very keen in filling up our belly only, but most of us forget to fill up the belly of the fat bellied god Vinayaka due to our own negligence. At least from today onwards, let us regularly offer his tasty food in a pleasing manner.

We could be able to prepare Modakams very easily, and it is an inexpensive item only. If a poor Vinayaka devotee offers a small quantity of rice and jaggery to Lord Vinayaka in an uncooked form, even then Lord Vinayaka would consider that food as his favourite Modakams and he would enjoy its taste. As per the sayings of Lord Krishna, even if we offer a small Tulsi leaf to him, he would get highly satisfied, since god would see only our bhakti, and not our money power.

I assure to all of the devotees of Lord Vinayaka, that once if they start preparing the Modakams and offer it to Lord Vinayaka, then definitely the big bellied and the beautiful god Vinayaka would partake with our Modakams by taking an invisible form on a daily basis, since at this Kaliyuga, getting the direct darshan of the god is very difficult through our naked eyes.


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