Vighneshwara Kalyanam | Ganesha’s Marriage with Siddhi, Buddhi

ganesh with buddhi siddhi

ganesh with buddhi siddhi

As per most of the people’s belief, Lord Vighneshwara also called as Ganesa and Vinayaka is a bachelor. But he is also mentioned in the Puranas as a married person. Ma Siddhi and Ma Buddhi, who are the daughters of Brahma, are considered to be the wives of Lord Ganesha, and the daughters of Lord Brahma are considered to be the mind born daughters of Lord Brahma.

Ma Buddhi is the goddess of wisdom, whereas Siddhi refers to the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and both of the wives of Lord Ganesha contain good knowledge in all the subjects which they have acquired it from their parents, Lord Brahma and Ma Saraswathi. In some pictures, we could see that both of the consorts of Lord Vinayaka affectionately hug Lord Vinayaka by having shyness on their faces.

As per ancient legend, once when Lord Ganesha visited the Brahma Loka, Lord Brahma felt very happy about the arrival of Lord Ganesha to his divine Loka, and hence he decided to offer his two daughters as a gift to the first god Vinayaka. Brahma’s daughters were also very much interested to marry with Lord Ganesha, and after getting permission from Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati, it is believed that the divine marriage took place in the Brahma Loka, the abode of Lord Brahma.

The details about the divine marriage were mentioned in the famous Ganesha Purana, and the divine marriage was performed by Lord Brahma, Saraswathi, Parvati, Parameshwara, and Narada and Agastya were served as the divine Priests, by chanting the divine mantras, and honoured the divine couple, Vinayaka and his consorts, Siddhi and Buddhi.

It is also believed that Lord Ganesha has two sons, one is Kshema, who is considered to be the god of Prosperity born to Siddhi, and another one is Labha born to Buddhi, who is considered to be the god of wisdom, and it is also believed that Lord Ganesha is also having one daughter, who is called popularly as Ma Santoshi.

The marriage between Ganesha and his consorts took place before several millions of years, and it is considered to be a popular marriage ceremony similar to the “MEENAKSHI THIRUKALYANAM”, and “SRINIVASA THIRUKALYANAM”, and it is also believed that those who read about the story of Lord Ganesha Thirukalyanam would get a blessed life, and those who are unmarried would be married soon to a nice life partner, and their married life would last for a long period of time, without any obstacles in their personal life.


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