Swetharka Mula Ganapathi | Ganesh idol with Calotropis Roots

Swetharka Moola Ganesha idol

Swetharka Moola Ganesha idol

Swetharka Mula Ganapathi is the Ganesh idol made on the Calotropis Roots or the self originated Ganesh deity from the Calotropis roots.

In fact we are unaware of the name of Swetarkamoola Ganapathy.  Ganesha has many forms and such forms are not visible in any other God. Ganapathy has 64 forms of which 32 forms are very important. Puranas quote that shodasha (16) forms of Ganapathy are of immense significance.

But the name of SwetarkamoolaGanapathy does not exist anywhere and also in the above said forms. In Naradadi Puranas it was mentioned that Calotropis Gigantea (the White Gilledu tree) when completes 100 years of existence, its roots may take the form of Ganapathy. But elders opine that it is impossible to get not only such a tree but such a form too. Generally the roots of any tree may look like snakes and elephants’ trunks. But every root that looks so is not Swetarkamoola Ganapathy.

The greatness of the white Calotropis Gigantea was quoted in Ganapathy Upanishad as ‘Thwam Mooladhare Sthithosinithyam’ means the roots of a natural tree (Tella Gilledu) formed in the shape of Ganapathy with all organs is being considered as one of the unique features.

It was also said about Hanuman too Parijatha Thvamoola Vaasitham which means that Hanuman’s form is available in the roots of Mimusops Elengi (Amaranth Parijatham).  However, elders say that ‘Sadhanath Sadhyanthe’ which means that any work done with full concentration, keen observation and faith in God shall never go waste.

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  1. Umesh Khanna says:

    what to do if one has this form of ganesh how to offer pooja ?

  2. DORAI RAJULU says:

    Heard about swetharka Ganapathi but not heard about Parijatha Thvamoola vaasitham. Thanks for information.