The One and Only Lord Ganesha

2 Ganesha Green background

2 Ganesha Green background

Lord Ganesha is liked by everyone, irrespective of their age factor. Being considered as the first god, it is our main duty to first worship him before doing our daily routine works. Being the leader of the Vedas, he is also called as Veda Ganesha, and since he is a master of dance, he is called as Narthana Ganapathy. The pictures of Ganesha can be drawn very easily, and just by drawing a few lines, we can make a beautiful picture of Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is a very simple god, and that’s why we can find lot of his temples situated under the holy trees like the Vanni Tree and Arasa Tree.

Females, especially married women used to circumambulate the holy trees, in order to give birth to a pious child. Vinayaka means the giver of happiness to us, and once if we recite any one of his several names, we would become calm, and we would get good peace of mind.

Vinayaka worship can be traced back to several millions of years, and still his worship is going strong day by day. North Indians, especially Mumbai people, consider Lord Vinayaka as one of their family members, and they used to affectionately offer his favourite food Mothakams to him in their homes, and also some devotees would distribute it amongst the devotees in the Vinayaka temples.

Vinayaka can also be described as a one man army, and he is the only god, who removes the obstacles in our lives within a fraction of a second, if we worship him sincerely. Some non-believers of the god are commenting about the appearance of Lord Vinayaka, and they are also making fun of his divine vehicle Mooshika. Some used to tell, if god doesn’t have a form, then why he appears in the form of the combination of an animal and a human.

The great almighty takes various forms in order to make us to worship him easily. By worshipping a formless god, we would not get full confidence in our life. If we worship the god in some form, then we would get great confidence in our life, and we would get more happiness by enjoying the divine beauty of the god. As science and technology advances, some people are inquiring about the existence of the god. Some people are commenting about our Hindu gods, and especially about Lord Ganesha, by telling, that he is merely a fictitious and a playful character, and there is no existence of Ganesha in the world.

In order to find out the complete details of Lord Ganesha, one must have to read the Ganesha Purana completely, and then they can comment about him boldly. Without going through the details properly, it is not fair on their path to comment about anyone, and especially about Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha though he appears as a small boy, would become wild if the people’s nature turns into bad. In the past few years, statues of Hindu gods were stolen and being exported to foreign countries. During an interview, one of the idol smugglers, says, “Just I have stolen the statue, and not the god, and if he is really dwell in the statue, let him first protect himself”. The smuggler boldly talks like this, since he is having the belief that by using the loop holes of the law, he can easily escape from the eyes of the law. But they must be aware of that, Lord Vinayaka is keenly watching all of our activities, and though he might appear as silent for the wrong doers, but he would severely punish them at the appropriate time.

Let us worship Lord Vinayaka sincerely and let us fully occupy him in our souls.


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