‘ONE’ for Vinayaka

4 Ganesha

4 Ganesha

‘ONE’ for Vinayaka.. While teaching the numbers to our children, we can give a divine meaning for the numbers, such as ‘1’ for Vinayaka, ‘2’ for the two consorts of Lord Vinayaka, ‘3’ for TriShakti, ‘4’ for the four headed creator god Brahma, ‘5’ for the five headed god Shiva, ‘6’ for the six faced god Muruga, ‘7’ for Lord Venkateswara, the Lord of seven Hills, ‘8’ for Ma Ashtalakshmi, ‘9’ for the Holy Navagrahas, ‘10’ for the Dasavatara of Lord Vishnu, like that, so that the children could be able to easily recite the numbers with a different spiritual meaning of our beloved deities from their childhood itself. But it all depends on the own interest of the parents, and there is no compulsion in that, since numbers would be taught by the parents belonging to different religions.

By substituting the meaning of the deities in the numbers, children would practice the art of spirituality from their childhood itself. Spirituality is not a toughest subject, and if it is explained to the children in an easiest manner, then they would be able to grasp it quickly. Parents can also insist their children to worship Lord Vinayaka, by considering him as the first god, in order to secure first rank in the examinations. Actually whatever now we consider as numbers was once practised even by the underdeveloped people, for counting of their children, since during ancient times, people would produce more and more children, since family planning methods were not there during ancient times.

Children will also be able to easily recite the numbers, if we give the names of the deities for the numbers. All the 26 English numbers must be taught to the children, by naming our Hindu gods and goddesses, and it must be taught only based on the own interest of the parents. With the help of the 26 numbers, lot of English books were written, and even lot of spiritual books were written by the great authors, only by using these 26 numbers.

In fact, if we closely go through the number 2, if represents similar to our “PILLAYAR SUZHI”, and the number 6 represents our six headed god Arumuga also called as Muruga. From these 26 numbers, we can easily understand that through the union of Pillayar, also called as Vinayaka and Arumuga, the numbers were introduced. It is also believed that the 26 numbers were once introduced by one of our ancient ShaiviteSiddhars, who were also the devotees of Lord Vinayaka and Muruga, but, in course of time, some other foreign country claims that these 26 numbers were introduced only by one of their citizens.


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