Why we should not see Moon on Ganesh Chaturthi?

lord ganesh-ganapati deva

Why we should not see Moon on Ganesh Chaturthi? What is the story of avoiding seeing Chandra on Vinayaka Chavithi? The story goes like this… Siva gave the leadership of hurdles to Vinayaka on 4th day (chavithi) of Bhadrapada month. On this happy occasion all people prepared kudumulu, undrallu (atype of recipe made with rice […]

Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Katha (Stories of Vinayaka Chavithi)

Ganpati bappa

Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Katha (Vinayaka Chavithi Stories) are given here. The stories include Vinayaka Utpatti (Birth of Ganesha), Vighneshwara’s domination (how Ganesha became Ganadhipathi), Chandra’s disregard (how Chandra insulted Ganesha) and a story related to Samantaka Mani. Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Katha Story (Hold akshathas throughout the vratha kadha, after completion, these akshathas areto be put […]

Vinayaka Purana

Vinayaka Puraram is an ancient Purana, and it is considered to be one of the best Purana, since it tells about the significance of Lord Vinayaka, who is also called as Ganesha, Ganapathy, Gananata and by various other names. This wonderful Purana is also called as Bhargava Purana, since it was heard by the great […]

Why avoid Tulsi Leaves in Ganesh Puja

tulsi plant

Why we avoid Tulsi Leaves in Ganesh Puja? What is the story of Tulasi leaves and Ganapathi Pooja? This story is associated with Ganesh cursing Tulasi… The story goes like this…. Tulsi, the daughter of Dharmaraja. the God of righteousness, was roaming about in the world in ecstatic devotion to Lord Narayana, in her youthful […]

Story: Ganesha’s curse to Moon God (Chandra Deva)

Story: Ganesha’s curse to Moon God, Chandra Deva. Curse to moon God by Lord Ganesha – story. Legend of Ganapathi’s curse to Moon God, Chandra deva. Here is a popular story of Ganesha found in the Skanda Purana. It says once the Ganesha was invited for a feast in Chandralok. Also, the God is known […]

Syamantaka Mani & Ganesh Chaturthi (Story)

Syamantaka Mani & Ganesh Chaturthi (Story).. What is the relation between the story of Syamantaka mani and Ganesh Chaturthi? The story goes like this…. In Dwapara yuga Naarada visited Sri krishna in Dwaraka and praised him. It became evening during their conversation and Naarada said to Sri krishna that dusk had taken place and because […]

Ganesha & Mooshika: How did Mouse became the vehicle of Lord Ganesha?

Ganesha Mooshika Ganpathi Mouse vehicle

Ganesha & Mooshika: How did Mouse became the vehicle of Lord Ganesha? What is the story behind the mouse becoming the vehicle of Lord Ganesha? In the royal meeting of God Indra there was a Gandharva named Krouncha. He was a good singer. One day he laughed at one sage. With anger the sage cursed […]

Story: Kubera and Lord Ganesha – Ganesha’s feast with Kubera’s Pride

Story: Kubera and Lord Ganesha, Ganesha’s feast with Kubera’s Pride. Headstrong Kubera and Ganapathi’s story. Kubera invited Ganesha to her house for feast. One of the Ganesha’s names is Lambodara, the huge bellied one. Kubera being the God of wealth was a complete contrast to Lord Shiva. Kubera lived in the lap of luxury and […]

Parashurama’s war with Ganesha – Story

Ganesha Fighting Parashurama

Story of Parashurama’s war with Ganesha, what is the story between Parashurama and Ganesha? How Ganesha lost his tusk and remained Ekadanta? After avenging his father’s death and the massacre of the erring Kshatriyas, Parashurama desired to personally pay homage to Bhagavan Shiva and reached Kailasa; he witnessed Nandeeswara, Maha Kaala, Ruru Bhairava, Rudraganas and Bhuta-Preta-Piscachas […]

How Vinayaka became Ganadhipathi (Story)


Once upon a day gods, hermits and human praised Siva and prayed him to give a leader of obstacles. Gajaanana (Ganesh) appealed father to give leader ship to him, since he is the elder son. Kumara swamy claimed it should be given to him on the plea that, his brother is not an able one, […]

Vinayaka Utpatti | Birth of Ganapathi

Shiva Parvati Ganesha

Vinayaka Utpatti (Birth of Ganapathi) is one of the four main stories of Ganesh Chaturthi Puja. Vinayaka Chavithi Vratha Katha is recited after the completion of Ganapathi Pooja. The story goes like…… In Kailash, Parvathi heard the arrival of her husband and felt very happy. She thought of completing her bath to welcome him. While […]

Agneeswarar Temple, Tirukattupalli, Thanjavur

Sri Agneeswarar temple is located in Tirukattupalli village in Thanjavur district, in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. The primary deity of this temple is Agneeswarar, Theeyadiappar (Lord Shiva) and his consorts are Soundaryanayaki and Azhagammai. The holy trees of this temple are Vanni and Vilwa. The holy waters of this temple are […]