Story: Kubera and Lord Ganesha – Ganesha’s feast with Kubera’s Pride

ganesha and kubera story

ganesha and kubera story

Story: Kubera and Lord Ganesha, Ganesha’s feast with Kubera’s Pride. Headstrong Kubera and Ganapathi’s story. Kubera invited Ganesha to her house for feast.

One of the Ganesha’s names is Lambodara, the huge bellied one. Kubera being the God of wealth was a complete contrast to Lord Shiva. Kubera lived in the lap of luxury and with all the comforts. Kubera was in vain and proud. He believed that he was greater than all the Gods.

Kubera came to Kailasa to invite Lord Shiva to his home for an unforgettable feast. Lord Shiva then decided to teach a lesson to Kubera. He replied that his elder son Ganesha would attend instead of him. In fact, he told Kubera that his son has a voracious appetite.

Kubera looked at the little boy Ganesha and wondered he could do any justice to his feast. On the following appointed day, Ganesha arrived on time for lunch. He was served one dish after the other and soon all the dishes got over. Ganesha was not satisfied. He said he was still hungry. The kitchen was soon empty but his hunger was not appeased yet.

Ganesha had responded to Kubera “Is that all you can serve me? My mother gives me more. And you call this is a feast!” There was no food left in the kingdom and still Ganesha is not satisfied. Later, Kubera rushed to Lord Shiva and asked him to help. Lord Shiva then smiled. He responded to Kubera that Ganesha required food that is served with love and affection.

Kubera understood and begged for his forgiveness. However, Ganesha was still hungry.

Finally, after borrowing the roasted rice from Parvati, he offered to Ganesha with the humility. He begged him to accept the food and satisfy the hunger. Ganesha accepted the rice and declared that his hunger has appeased. In this way, Ganesha taught a lesson to Kubera in humility.

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