Story: Ganesha’s curse to Moon God (Chandra Deva)

Ganesha moon curse

Ganesha moon curse

Story: Ganesha’s curse to Moon God, Chandra Deva. Curse to moon God by Lord Ganesha – story. Legend of Ganapathi’s curse to Moon God, Chandra deva.

Here is a popular story of Ganesha found in the Skanda Purana. It says once the Ganesha was invited for a feast in Chandralok. Also, the God is known for appetite, stuffed himself with delicious laddoos. When he decided to for a walk, he stood up and could not balance the huge stomach and stumbled. As he fell down, his stomach burst and all the laddoos came rolling out. The moon could not control and began laughing.

Ganesha got enraged and cursed the moon to vanish from the universe. In the absence of moon the whole world began to wane. So the gods request Shiva to persuade Ganesha to relent. The moon also apologizes for his behavior.

On Shiva’s intervention the Ganesha has modified his curse. He addressed that the moon would be invisible only on one day of a month. It would be partially visible for Ganesh festival.

In the Hindu lunar month of Bhadra, all the devotees celebrate his birth in the tenth –day festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Lord Ganesha is affectionately called Ganapati. It is depicted in the homes and offices throughout to bestow wisdom and wealth.

Many of them believe that if anyone inadvertently sees the moon on that night, one should throw stones on his neighbors’ roof to avoid any calamity arising from the curse. This particular day is also called ‘Dagadi Chautha’ or the stone throwing fourth day in some places.

Lord Ganesha is noted as the remover of all the obstacles and in turn reciprocates by using all his powers throughout the year.

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