Koli Bhagat | Ardent devotee of Lord Sri Krishna

Koli Bhagat was born in Koli Community, in Chotila at Gujarat, and he belonged to lower class. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, and he inculcated the “KRISHNA BHAKTI” in the minds of the Koli Community people. His job is to take the cattle for grazing in the morning, and to handover it to his masters in the evening. Though he was born in a poor family, he lived a pious life. Once while he was grazing the cattle, he met a great saint, who was giving divine discourses on Bhagavatham in front of the public. He heard the entire Bhagavatham from him, and in course of time, he become a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna, and began to sing songs in praise of him.

Soon his community people were also become devotees of Lord Krishna, and they joined with Koli Bhagat, and began to conduct bhajans in the temples of Lord Krishna during Saturdays.

His songs were well appreciated by the public, and some of the verses from his songs are as follows:

1. Oh My Lord! I feel pity on you, and I wonder that how you have killed the terrible demons with your tender hands.

2. Oh My Sweet Krishna! I feel jealous with the Gopikas, since they have got the opportunity to touch and embrace you.

3. Oh My Sweet Krishna! I also feel jealous with Ma Yashoda who got the golden opportunity to Broughtyou up in your childhood.

4. Oh My Lovely Krishna! You have stolen the hearts of your numerous devotees through your wonderful smile.

5. Oh My King Krishna! You are always moving softly and gently with your devotees.

6. Oh My Dear Krishna! I am not getting hungry and I am not able to sleep, since I am always thinking about you only.

7. Oh My Krishna! I very much wonder that how you have shown the entire universe in your small mouth to Ma Yashoda.

8. I need only you and you alone. I don’t want to even live in the luxurious IndraLoka. I want to always dwell at your feet.

9. Krishna Bhakti alone would give us Mukti.


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