Divine Bliss

Divine bliss means attaining the glory of the god, getting the divine love and divine feeling by frequently worshipping the god. For getting divine bliss, it is not necessary to do penance for years together. Offering regular prayers to the god, and praising his greatness and chanting his names alone would help us to get the divine bliss from the god.

A dancer when he / she dance in front of Lord Nataraja idol would get the divine bliss. Similarly when a person chants the names of the god at least once in a day, would get the divine bliss.

Famous singers like SP Balasubramaniam and KJ Yesudas, would get the divine bliss when they sing devotional songs on the almighty. The ancient saints like MeeraBai, SakkuBai and Sahoja Bai have got the divine bliss, when they sang songs in praise of Lord Krishna. We could get the Divine grace through bhakti and also through humanity. Enjoyment is of two types: Enjoying by way of material comforts and physical pleasures and enjoying by way of totally surrendering ourselves before the god. If we adopt the first method of enjoyment, it would last only for a few years, and finally during the time of our death, we would have to suffer from many hardships, and even we may suffer from several dreaded diseases.

But if we opt for the second method of enjoyment, our enjoyment would last for ever, and even it would continue during the time of our next birth. The great Tamil Shaivite Saint, Sri Pattinathar says, “At the time of our death, even an earless needle would not come along with us”. In fact, it is correct. If we take the examples of famous kings like Alexander, Akbar, Aurangzeb and Shivaji, after living a very luxury life style, at the time of their death, nothing was found available with their dead body. Their physical pleasures, delicious food items, humble attendants are not present along with them after their death.

Hence, we must realize all about this, and must try to get the divine bliss of the god, by sincerely worshipping him, going to the temples, performing pujas and listening to the divine lectures etc.


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