Haridasa Bhakti Movement

Sri Madhvacharya

Sri Madhvacharya

The Haridasa devotional movement was formed in Karnataka, India, after the avatar of the holy saint Sri Madhvacharya, an incarnation of Lord Vayu Bhagavan, and gradually the movement had spread throughout India. Through the efforts of several Indian saints,the Haridasa movement had spread among the masses.

The term Haridasas means the obedient servants of Lord Hari. During the rule of Sri Krishnadevaraya, he welcomed the Haridasas, listened to their divine songs on Lord Hari, and given a permanent seat at his court in the Vijayanagara Empire. The great Madhwa saints like Vyasaraja, Kanakadasa and Purandaradasa received good appreciation for their melodious songs, and they have been well respected. All the saints occupied in his court are considered as the divine amshas of Lord Hari.

Sri Purandaradasa who was considered as an incarnation of Rishi Narada, used to compose Hari Bhakti songs and play his Veena meticulously. Similar to him, Sri Padaraja and Sri Vadiraja used to give divine lectures on Lord Hari in the temples and mutts and propagated the “HARI BHAKTI SPIRIT” among the people. The main objective of the Haridasas movement was to spread the Dvaita philosophy of Madhvacharya to the masses through thehelp of the saints.

Later, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu also spread the Hari Bhakti through his spiritual teachings, and his devotees were started the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) – known as the Hare Krishna Movement, for spreading the teachings of Lord Chaitanya throughout the world. The Haridasas used to consider themselves as slaves to their supreme Lord Hari. The Haridasa movement is now spread throughout the world, and lot of Krishna temples were constructed in foreign countries, and many foreigners are also becoming devotees of Lord Krishna.

Let us worship the great Lord Krishna Bhagavan and be blessed.


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