Raja Sankranti 2021 | Mithuna Sankranti (Swing Festival)

Raja Sankranti, also known as Mithuna Sankranti or Ashad Sankranti or Swing festival, is one of the major festivals of Orissa which is celebrated in order to welcome monsoon season. It is a 3-day festival which marks the beginning of the agricultural activities. Raja Sankranti 2021 date is June 15. Raja Sankranti festival is celebrated […]

Shesha Raja (Raja Festival celebrations)

Shesha Raja is the last day of Raja Sankranti festival celebrations in Odisha. In 2013, Shesha Raja date is June 16. The most important festival of Orissa, Raja is commonly associated with the farming community and celebrated during the onset of the monsoon. The Raja Sankranti also known as Mithun Sankranti, falls on the first […]