Swamy Calendars

Swamy Calendars would be affixed in the homes of most of the Hindus, since these little things decorate the hall of the people. Lot of Calendars print by the printing companies during the month of December, and it would be eagerly bought by the customers, even before the end of the December. Swamy Calendars include images of the deities, saints and political personalities, and sometimes the images of the sports and cinema personalities would also be affixed in the calendars as per the tastes of the people.

Still now calendars containing the images of Guru Raghavendra, Shirdi Saibaba and Kanchi Paramacharya are popularly sold in the market, and lot of demand would be there during the month of December. RaniMuthu Magazine’s “BLESSING MURUGA”, calendar is very popular during the 1980’s and 1990’s, and, still lot of fans are there for that particular type of Calendar.

But most of us, after the completion of the year, are not interested to preserve the old calendars, and we are putting it in the dust bins, which contain the images of our deities. Instead of throwing out those good things, we can preserve it either in our unused shelves or in our lofts, so that, our future generations would get an opportunity to have a glimpse of those old calendars. Similar to printing the calendars of the deities and saints, Hindus must come forward to motivate the calendar printing companies to print calendars containing the images of our Bhagavathas like Narada, Dhruva, Prahalada and Tumburu, in order to show our gratitude to the great Vishnu Devotees.

Before inventing printed calendars, ancient people used some manual calendars which contain the images of the deities drawn by the ancient artists. Calendars also act as playful items for the small children, since they would eagerly peep into their favourite calendars and also would raise lot of questions about the calendars to their parents.Anyhow, calendars also becomes a part and parcel in our lives, since at least once in a day, we used to go through it, in spite of our tight work schedule.


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