Swami Advaitananda

Advaitananda (1828–1909) was one of the notable disciples of Ramakrishna, and he has become a famous saint, and lived as per the teachings of Bhagavan Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. His birth name was Gopal Chandra Ghosh.

Gopal was born in the year 1828 in a village near Kolkata. He was a bright student and was interested in participating in school functions along with his friends, and used to play as child Krishna. At his teenage, he got employed in a shop. He met Sri Ramakrishna at his middle age, and he made several visits to the place of Sri Ramakrishna, and got attracted with his kind speech.He also used to affectionately serve him with cooked food, which was prepared and brought by him from his home.

Gopal donated clothes to the disciples of Ramakrishna.He also rendered his valuable service in the “Baranagar Mutt”. He used to give spiritual teachings, and explained about the important teachings of Sri Ramakrishna among the people in the public gatherings.

In 1887, Gopal has become a Saint, and came to be known as Advaitananda. After staying for a few years in Baranagar Mutt, Advaitananda travelled to Varanasi and took bath in the Holy River Ganges. He spent a few years in Varanasi, by taking alms.

Afterwards, he went to Belur Ramakrishna Mutt and looked after administrative works. He visited several sacred places throughout India, and worshipped the deities.
He died in the year 1909 and attained MUKTI.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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