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Svaha Goddess

Svaha Goddess

“Svaha” is the goddess of giving the benefits to the doers of ritual sacrifices through fire. She only passes the sacred mantras of the gods to the respective divine gods in the heaven. She is the wife of Lord Agni Dev. She is mentioned in Rigveda and also in ancient Hindu texts. For conducting fire sacrifices, she cannot be ignored, by reciting her name “SVAHA” the sacrifice will fully get completed and our wishes will be fulfilled.

Agneya is the daughter of Svaha and Agni Dev. Though there are no notable temples dedicated for Svaha, worshipping her with her consort Lord Agni Dev by placing their picture in our home will yield favourable results to us.

She also considered as one of the mothers of Lord Kartikeya. She presides over the burnt offerings. She contains a great position over other demigods, since through her help only the demigods are receiving the oblation of the fire sacrifices.

Svaha is the daughter of the great demigod “DAKSHA BHAGAWAN”. She is also the sister of Sati, Mata Parvati and the consort of Lord Shiva. Once she felt in love with Lord Agni and she approached her desire to him and after some time they got married and she is still living in the Agni Loka. She is guiding Lord Agni Dev towards discharging his duties properly, and acts as a dutiful wife to him.


For any kind of Vedic ceremony or for conducting homams in the house or in the temple, without her help, we cannot finish the ceremony in a full- fledged manner and can please the divine gods. By uttering her name and by worshipping her, we can be safeguarded and protected by her.


1. Fire accidents will not occur in our life.
2. We will get the grace of Lord Agni Dev.
3. Free from illness and mental diseases.
4. Previous birth sins would be removed.
5. Can get spiritual energy.
6. Laziness and dullness will be cleared from our body and in mind.
7. We can get lot of physical energy.
8. We will get the blessings of the great sages and their wives.
9. Positive vibration will flow to our body from top to bottom.

Hence, by considering the above factors, it is always advisable to worship Mata Svaha and to frequently chant her name and be blessed.


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