Surya Grahan 16 February 2018 | Solar Eclipse Timings

Solar Eclipse, Surya Grahan in February 2018 is Pakshika Surya Grahan (Partial Solar Eclipse). This Surya Grahan will not be visible over India.

The Partial Solar Eclipse of 15|16 February 2018 falls on Falgun Amavasya as per North Indian Hindi calendars and on Magha Amavasya in the calendars followed in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

It falls in Maasi Masam of Tamil calendar, Kumbha Masam of Malayalam calendar, Phalgun Mash in Bengali calendar, Phalgun Maas in Nepali Patri.

This Pakshik Surya Grahan is visible only in South of South America, Pacific region, Atlantic ocean and Antarctic regions.

This Grahan will not be visible in …..

This Surya Grahan will not be visible in remaining parts of the world other than the above mentioned places. It won’t be visible in India, USA, Canada, UK and other parts of Europe, Asian countries like Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, etc.), Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Maldives, China, Japan, Russia, etc. Australia and New Zealand also will miss this Solar Eclipse.

Pregnant Care during Lunar or Solar Eclipse

Scientific Reasons on Pregnant care during Surya or Chandra Grahan

What is Surya Grahan and when it occurs?

Solar eclipse is a stage in the Suns cycle (solar cycle), where the Moon reaches between the Sun and the Earth. Read more here on how Suryagrahan takes place..

Effects of Solar Eclipse on Zodiac Natives

The solar eclipse has an awful sight since the ages. Traditionally and scientifically, the Sun is considered as energy provider and the life –giver for the whole universe. Read more here on how Suryagrahan affects the Zodiac natives..

Timings of Solar Eclipse, 15 February 2018 (Universal Time – UTC).

Partial Solar Eclipse begins at – 6.55 PM

Maximum Eclipse at – 8.51 PM

Partial Solar Eclipse ends at – 10.47 PM

This Grahan is not visible in India, hence no need of performing any ritual related to Surya Grahan in India. But just for the some Siddha Sadhaks, who want to know the grahan timings, here are…

Timings of Solar Eclipse, 16 February 2018 (Indian Standard Time)

Partial Solar Eclipse begins at – 00.25 AM, 16 February (Pakshika Surya Grahanam – Sparsha Kaal)

Maximum Eclipse at – 2.21 AM (Surya Grahan Madhyakaal)

Partial Solar Eclipse ends at – 4.17 AM (Pakshika Surya Grahanam antya Kaal)

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  1. Renuka Hanchinal says:

    Is this Solar Eclipse starts at mid night or at evening time on 26th February 2017.

  2. ANJALI RANI says:

    uttar pardesh ke muzaffarnagar me solar eclipse 26-02-2017 ko kis time se start hoga aur kis time end hoga.

  3. prakash mohabeer says:

    the mandirs should therefore carry out all daily rituals.The prayers and other offerings have been suspended in my mandir is there any justification? As a general rule if the eclipse is not visible should we carry out business as usual?