Surrendering to God

33 crore gods in Hinduism

33 crore gods in Hinduism

Whenever, if we cannot find solutions to our problems, we must have to immediately surrender ourselves into the holy feet of the almighty. We should not hesitate in doing that. We are all the human beings born in this earth, and god has created us for some purpose only. We must have to utilize our time productively, and keep doing our work. Sometimes, even if we didn’t harm others problems might come on its own way. At that time, instead of getting tensed, we have to tell our worries and cry before the almighty. And definitely the almighty would find a solution for our problems.

After all we are the human beings born in this earth, and we don’t have super natural powers. If we suffer from any problems or diseases, we have to beg for the mercy of the lord, in order to get wellness in our life. We must always realise about the greatness of the god, and act as the humble servants of the god, and must consider the god as our divine master.We must always be aware that during the times of our difficulties, first we have to approach the god. Only if god gives the signal, people would come to help us. From our birth till our death, the entire phase of our life cycle had already been written by the god, and he is the wire puller of the entire universe.

According to the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tells the following to Arjuna:

I consider my devotees who believe on me with full of faith, and whose mind is permanently absorbed in meto be the best of all the saints.

After attaining me, the great souls do not incur rebirth in this miserable world, because they have already attained the highest perfection.

Those who regarding me as the Supreme, worship me from their heart, and consider them as the servants to the great almighty shall dwell in me hereafter.

Those who serve me with full of devotion,after removing all the evils from them, is ready for attaining SALVATION.

Fix your mind on me, frequently chant my names, Worship Me, Praise me, and then you shall definitely reach me. I promise you because you are my very dear friend.

Forget about the religion and just surrender yourself in my feet. I shall remove your sins, and I will give a permanent place to you in my Divine world.

Those who think me, adorn me, sing my glories, conducting divine lectures, and always does noble activities throughout their life, are considered as my true devotees, and I would always keep them in my heart.

Several saints taught the importance of surrendering to the God like Guru Raghavendra Swamy, Shirdi Saibaba and Rama Krishna Paramahamsa. We have to follow their teachings, in order to get the grace of the great Lord Krishna.

Hence let us surrender on to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna and be blessed.


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