Sant Surmaldas | Staunch devotee of SriRama

Sant Surmaldas was a staunch devotee of Lord Rama, and he was born in a village in Gujarat. Though he was born in a lower caste, he used to worship Rama from his childhood itself. He used to visit temples of Lord Rama in and around Gujarat. His father owned few agriculture lands, and Surmaldas also helped his father in his agriculture activities.

At his young age, he began to learn music from a scholar, and got the knowledge of penning beautiful songs on Lord Rama. He also showed his sincere bhakti on Lord Hanuman, and as a result, while he was performing divine discourses in the Rama temple, he had the divine vision of Lord Hanuman, and he was blessed by him. Similar to the great Rama Devotee, Sri Bhadrachala Ramadasu, he was also a famous Rama devotee, and throughout his life time, he has recited several lakhs times of Rama Mantra.

His songs were highly praised by the then kings, and by the scholars, and he was highly honoured by them. He didn’t accept the wealth from the kings, and lived as a poor man throughout his life. His songs were melted the hearts of thousands and thousands of Rama Devotees, and he gained good name and fame through his sincere devotion on Lord Rama.


1. Lord Rama is the pious avatar of Lord Vishnu, and he acts as an example for others, with regard to showing his sincere affection on his parents, on his people and on his brothers.

2. By reciting Rama Mantra, our spiritual energy would be boosted, and we would be relieved from our diseases, miseries and sorrows.

3. We must also become a great devotee of Lord Rama, similar to Lord Hanuman, and must keep him in our mind, throughout our life.

4. The easiest way to attain salvation is to keep sincere bhakti on Lord Rama.

5. Through the power of Rama Mantra, even our enemies would become our friends.

6. The great Lord Shiva had explained about the significance of Rama Mantra to his consort Ma Parvati.

7. Lord Rama and Ma Sita are our divine parents, and we must have to consider them as our holy guru, guide and god.

8. By reading the holy Ramayana regularly, our mind would become purified, and all of our bad habits would be removed from us.

9. Even the noble persons like Ma Sabari and Guha have worshipped Lord Rama, and as a result, they have got enlightenment.


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