Sundha Mata Temple, Jalore, Rajasthan

Sundha Mata Temple, Jalore, Rajasthan

Sundha Mata Temple, Jalore, Rajasthan

Sundha Mata Temple is a temple dedicated to Mata Chamunda, and it is an ancient temple, which is more than 900 years old. This famous temple is situated on a mountain called Sundha, which is located in Rajasthan.

In this temple, Mata Chamunda Devi, is worshipped as Sundha Mata by the devotees. Lot of devotees from Gujarat and Rajasthan used to regularly visit this holy temple. This temple is surrounded by full of greenery, and gives fresh air to the visitors. Waterfalls are found at the mountain, and it provides a rich feast for the eyes of the visitors of the temple, and devotees can comfortably worship Mata Chamunda, by enjoying the nice scenery. Sundha Mata temple is made out of marble stones, and a beautiful idol of goddess Chamunda is found inside the temple, and in front of the holy Mother Chamunda, a Shiva lingam is installed.

In ancient days Puja was performed in this temple by “Nath Sect saints”, who are the descendants of the “NAVNATH”, the famous nine holy saints, and the avatars of Lord Shiva. Sundha Mata is the Kuladevi for some sects of the Rajasthani people.

During Navratri festival days, lot of tourists from Gujarat and Rajasthan used to visit this temple. Free lodging facility is arranged by the Temple Trust for the devotees and Hotels are also available nearby the temple, which provide delicious tiffin items and meals at an affordable price.

Lot of devotees are getting relieved from their various ailments and from their various other problems after worshipping Mata Sundha Devi. By visiting and worshipping the holy mother at this temple, we would get courage, wisdom and boldness, and we would be able to smoothly run our life.


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