Sundara Anugraha Moorthy | Lord Shiva who blessed Sundarar

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-184

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-184

Lord Shiva is also called as Sri Sundara Anugraha Moorthy, since he has showered his entire grace on Sundarar, on several occasions during his lifetime. In his previous birth, Sundarar served as a divine attendant of Lord Shiva in the Kailash. He was also present along with Lord Shiva, when Shiva drank the Halahala poision. Due to a curse, Sundarar was born in the earth during the eight century AD, and in course of time, he became a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva, and Shiva had made him to realise that he was a slave to Shiva in his previous birth and also in his present birth.

Lord Shiva also helped Sundarar in his marriage, and blessed the couple. When Sundarar suffered from severe cold and cough, it was Lord Shiva, who came in the form of a physician, and granted him the Divine nectar, which he brought it from the heaven. Sundarar had written many songs in praise of Lord Shiva, and he has agreed and accepted that he is a lifetime servant and slave to Shiva, but, in spite of that, Shiva had moved with Sundarar in a friendly manner. Sundarar also sometimes used to scold Lord Shiva affectionately, and Shiva hadn’t takes it seriously.

Whenever Sundarar felt worried about something, it was Lord Shiva who used to appear in the form of an old man, and used to console him affectionately like that of his own mother. It is also believed, that Lord Shiva himself used to appear personally before Sundarar in order to hear his beautiful hymns written in praise of Shiva, and he blessed him instantly for his intelligence, hard work and dedication. After the end of Sundarar’s life, Lord Shiva has sent his divine attendants along with a Divine Plane to the earth, in order to carry Sundarar to the Kailash.

We are also very much interested to converse with Lord Shiva, but it is highly impossible, since we are interested in enjoying lot of worldly pleasures in our lives. During the times of power failures, we could not able to control ourselves, even for a minute, even during winter periods, since we have been accustomed to sit under the A/C or fan from our childhood onwards. We could get the full-fledged blessings of the god, only, if we sacrifice the worldly attachments, and worldly pleasures.


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