Sun Chants OM



Recently we would have seen the Videos in the social Medias, that the sun god chants the “OM” mantra, from his abode, Surya Loka. While some people believes it, whereas others comment it as fake one. But since the space scientists have discovered that some sound was generated from the Surya Mandala, we have to consider that divine voice as a highly auspicious one.

From this incident, we could know that even the divine gods are concentrating their attention on the supreme god by chanting the “OM” Mantra. Likewise, it is also believed that the great Dhruva chants the sacred “NARAYANA MANTRA”, “OM NAMO BHAGAVATHE VASUDEYA NAMAHA” for several millions of years from his Dhruva Mandala.

Om is the important Mantra and is a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in Hinduism. It signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness or Atman.By regularly chanting the “OM” Mantra we would get good prosperity in our life.

‘Om’ is an eternal, universal sound, the Brahman and it denotes the supreme spirit, also called as almighty.

“OM” is considered to be the shape of the first god Vinayaka, and hence it is believed that Lord Surya chants the “OM” Mantra, by the way of dedicating his holy prayers to Lord Vinayaka. Sun God is considered to be the ancient Vedic deity, and during ancient periods, he has given much respect and most of the people worshipped Lord Surya as the main deity. However after the passage of time, big deities like Shiva, Vishnu, Vinayaka, Muruga and Shakti Devi were occupied the position of the main deities, and they were worshipped by the people with much love, dedication and devotion.

Even the main gods like Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma is believed to chant the “OM” Mantra, in order to increase their powers. By uttering the precious “OM” Mantra, it is believed that even the damaged cell present in our body would attain great strength and likewise the unhealthy would turn into a healthier one. But while reciting this mantra, we should do it with utmost bhakti, and with full faith, or otherwise the very purpose of reciting the mantra itself would turn into a useless one.


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