Sun Chants OM

Recently we would have seen the Videos in the social Medias, that the sun god chants the “OM” mantra, from his abode, Surya Loka. While some people believes it, whereas others comment it as fake one. But since the space scientists have discovered that some sound was generated from the Surya Mandala, we have to […]

Meditate the God by hearing ‘OM’ sound

We can meditate the almighty by hearing the “OM” sound either from the Music Players or from our mobile phone itself. If we simply meditate on the almighty, we would easily get bored or otherwise we would easily get diverted on other worldly matters, since we are all born as ordinary people, and we are […]

Did Om originate from silence, or did silence originate from Om?

Om is the origin of everything. If it is called the origin of everything, how can Om originate from silence? Silence is absence of sound, but Om is beyond silence. All sounds come from silence, but Om is not a sound like all other sounds. Om is the very vibration of all existence, that is […]

Om, Aum – Significance of Hinduism Symbol

Aum is one of the sacred sounds (pranava) in the great Indian tradition.  But AUM is a sound, word, and symbol that have permeated western culture more extensively than almost any other aspect of the Indian tradition.  It has been parodied on TV and in movies.  Tell someone you are learning to meditate, and often […]

Hindus worldwide to wear ‘Om’ with pride, Rajan Zed urges

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has called for Hindus worldwide to wear the “Om” symbol all the time with pride and joy. Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, which looks after the social and religious concerns of Hindus worldwide besides undertaking other Hindu issues, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, asked Hinduism devotees […]

Om tattoos in vogue among Hollywood stars, Vanessa Hudgens gets one

Hindu “Om” tattoos seem to be getting popular among Hollywood celebrities and American actress-singer Vanessa Hudgens, 22, is the latest celebrity to ink one. Accompanied by another Hollywood star Ashley Tisdale (Aliens in the Attic), 26, Hudgens (High School Musical)  reportedly got “Om” inked on the back of her hands by popular tattoo artist “Bang Bang” […]