Sun in 6th House | Ravi in House of Enemies

Sun in 6th House, Ravi in House of Enemies (Shatru Bhava) – Effects of Sun in 6th house (Positive effects & negative effects)…

When Sun is in 6th house he will be satisfied with his luck you should there will be no anxiety for wealth. He will not feel the need for wealth and he will not be childless.

When Rahu, Ketu and Saturn come in House No. 1 the fortune will be eclipsed. While Rahu and Saturn in House No. 1 will give malefic effects, Ketu in House No. 1, 7 will give benefic effects. Worshipping planet Mercury or giving jaggery to a monkey during ill effects will work as a remedy for these problems.

Positive effects of Sun in 6th house

When Sun is in 6th house he will be lucky and contented person. Nobody can deprive him of his livelihood. Even though his wife will be beautiful he will not care for her. Even if he is a loose character and fond of opposite sex he will still be financially lucky. He will be borne outside of his ancestral house or at maternal uncle’s house. His parents will be poor at the time of his birth. He will have good luck after the birth of his son.

When Moon, Mars, Jupiter is in House No. 2 the sun will become alive and he should follow old customs and his son-in-law will prosper.

When Ketu is in House No. 1, 7, it indicates the birth of a son and he will gain in rank. He will be blessed with finance and other comforts after the age of 48.

Negative affects of Sun in 6th house 

If he breaks the back wall in the western side of his house it will affect adversely and he will face problems in old age.

When Moon is weak and Rahu or Ketu is in House No. 5 he will face adverse circumstances at the age of 11, 21 and 22 years.

When Mars is in House No. 10 it will cause the death of his son. When Mercury is in House No. 12, he will face a lot of troubles with his health and finances.

When Rahu or Saturn is in House No. 1 his fortune will be eclipsed. He will face difficulties after the age of 6 or 12 years.

When Rahu is in House No. 2 and Saturn is in House No. 8 it will have an adverse effect on his finance.

When Moon is in House No. 12 the native or his wife will face problems related to the eye. When Saturn is in House No. 12 it is dangerous for the wife.

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