Sun in 4th House | Ravi in Sukha Bhava

Sun in 4th House, Ravi in Sukha Bhava (4th House)… Positive effects & negative effects of Sun in 4th house…

When Sun is in 4th house he will be greedy and gain wealth by shameless acts. Mars will decide the condition of family. Moon in House No. 4, 5 will give prosperity.

When a malefic Rahu or Saturn is in House No. 1 it can pollute the effects of Sun. The service of parents will lead to foundation of good luck and wealth will grow by leaps and bounds. He will also leave behind lots of wealth and property for his children.

When Jupiter is in House No. 10, items related with Saturn will cause losses. Giving food to blind people will be a good remedy for the ill effects of House No. 5 and 10.

Positive effects of Sun in 4th house

His progeny will be very rich but he will toil all his life. Some will collect wealth from Moon and give it to Mercury and Saturn based houses. He will enjoy good health and success at job and business. He will also be a person of high character and will do good to others.

The position of Moon and Jupiter will decide his earnings and the position of Mars will determine the family affairs. If Moon is malefic Sun will give malefic results.

When Moon is in House No. 4, 5 he will be benefited through new inventions. When Mercury is in House No. 10 he will gain through travel.

When Jupiter is in House No. 10 he will be blessed with wealth. When Moon and Venus are with Jupiter he will get the support of his parents and good luck

Negative effects of Sun in 4th house

When Sun is weak or affected by malefic planets there will be greed, deception, theft and bad habits. His life will be filled with troubles and everything will be destroyed before death.

When Saturn is in House No. 7’s children will be unlucky and bring him trouble.

When Jupiter is in House No. 10 there will be loss of wealth through theft and loss in dealing with iron and wooden items.

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