Lalkitab Remedies for Sun in 4th house

Lalkitab Remedies for Sun in 4th house. Ravi in 4th house Lalkitab Remedies. Surya (Sun) in 4th house lalkitab remedies, solutions, pujas, vratas, stones. When Sun is afflicted by malefic planets, the native becomes greedy and gets inclined to commit thefts and will harm others. This will create a lot of problems for him and […]

Sun in 4th House | Ravi in Sukha Bhava

Sun in 4th House, Ravi in Sukha Bhava (4th House)… Positive effects & negative effects of Sun in 4th house… When Sun is in 4th house he will be greedy and gain wealth by shameless acts. Mars will decide the condition of family. Moon in House No. 4, 5 will give prosperity. When a malefic […]