Sun in 10th House | Ravi in Karma Sthana

Sun in 10th House, Ravi in Karma Sthana (House of Destiny) – Effects of Sun in 10th house (Positive effects & negative effects)..

When Sun is in 10th house he will be healthy and have lots of wealth. He will be of suspicious nature and inwardly cunning and clever. Respecting and caring for elders will bring him glory and success. If Rahu Ketu and Saturn are in House No. 6 or 7 it will reduce his age and give him unhappiness.

When Venus is in 4th house and Saturn is malefic it will cause the early loss of father. When the exalted moon is in House No. 2 it will cause the mother’s death at the age of 24. Wearing a white or light pink headgear is auspicious and a black or blue coloured turban is considered inauspicious.

When Sun is alone in House No. 10 it is generally considered malefic.

Positive effects of Sun in 10th house

When Sun is in 10th house the native will gain from government and have the comfort and convenience of servants. He will have lots of wealth and respect in the society. He will also enjoy good health. But he will be a man of suspicious nature. He should not remain bare headed and should preferably use a white or light pink coloured headgear. He should however avoid a black or blue headgear. This will give favourable results to the person.

Negative effects of Sun in 10th house

Some in 10th house is considered unfavourable for ancestral property and comforts from parents. Items related to Saturn like oil, iron ,wood and buffaloes will cause loss in business. Also links with in-laws is considered inauspicious. If such a person talks about his misfortune then he will face more troubles. If he remains bare headed he will face failures everywhere.

Without the support of male planets, royal affairs will suffer and Sun alone in House No. 10 is always malefic. Even though he is extremely honest his merit will not be recognised.

When moon is weak and poor in 5th or 6th house and Jupiter or Mars do not support he will have a medium age and a diseased body with loss of wealth and respect.

When moon is in House No. 4, there will be loss of mother. When Venus in House No. 4 is weak or malefic there will be loss of father in early age.

When moon is exalted in House No. to mother of the native will die or become seriously ill at the age of 24. If there is a malefic planet in House No. 6 and 7 he will be unlucky till the age of 34.

When House No. 4 is blank his education and intelligence will be of no use.

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