Sukhasana Murti – Lord Shiva as a Yogi

Shiva as Yogi no-watermark

Shiva as Yogi no-watermark

Sukhasanamurti is one of the forms of Lord Shiva, in which he is referred to a Yogi. In this form, Lord Shiva poses a posture, in which he is performing Yoga in a manner he relaxes himself and does the meditation. ‘Sukha’ refers to the pleasing state of mind and body. ‘Asana’ refers to the physical posture when one performs Yoga.

As the Lord Shiva is referred as the Lord of all Yogis and Yogic Strength, in the form of Sukhasanamurthi, it is believed that he conveys the message of performing Yoga. The one who was granted the grace of Lord Shiva in the form of Sukhasanamurthi, will be able to perform the maximum number of Asanas in Yoga, which leads to good health and acquisition of wide range of physical abilities.

In Yoga, it is said that there are certain postures which are not possible for a normal person to perform under normal circumstances. Only after undergoing certain diet measures and performing certain physical warm-up exercises, one can start these Asanas under the supervision of an expert.

Lord Sukhasanamurthi not only grants the immense bodily abilities to perform such Asanas, but also presents enormous concentration levels and higher precision to lead the life more practically under the stress and the vulnerability. He is the lord of energy, who enables his devotees to undergo the strain full moments with all the courage and confidence.

Lord Sukhasana represents the physical and mental toughness which is a necessary asset for one who endures every moment in his life.

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