Suicidal Deaths

Suicidal deaths are occurring on a daily basis all over the world. This is happening due to the sufferings of the people from various problems in their life. This may be mainly due to unemployment problems, poor cultivation of crops due to drought, poverty, poor health, lack of withstanding ability in life, failure in marriage life, enmity etc. But whatever may be the reason, but doing such an activity would cause permanent stress in the minds of his/her relatives and his/her parents.

We can prevent from doing such kind of activity, by doing meditation, chanting the Slokas and the names of the god and going to the temples/churches/mosques and offering regular prayers to the god.

Many of us will be having the question in our mind? Whether visiting these places would change our mind? Or whether the sufferings in the life of the people would be reduced? The answer is yes! Even though we may not get immediate good changes in our life, once we pray to the god. But however, the almighty will give us patience, tolerance capacity and increase in our energy levels.

If we repeatedly perform good activities like concentrating our attention on god and helping others, surely our sufferings would permanently come to an end in course of time. But we have to patiently wait for such a situation.

Life is not a bed of rose for anybody. Sometime or other time everyone would have to suffer from some big or small problems, or for the people who don’t have any problems in their life, that itself would act as a problem in their life. Hence we must not have to lose our courage and keep on thinking positively about us. We must say the mantra within us, “that one day or other day, I would run my life successfully, by god’s grace, I will come out from my problems, and my sufferings would turn into joyfulness, and my enemies would become my friends like that”.

Simply worrying about a particular thing and losing our lives is not good, since even after our death, our soul would not rest in peace. Hence let us develop confidence in our mind, eliminate the suicidal thoughts from our mind, and be happy for ever in this world.


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