Sufferings faced by the Almighty

Shiva drinking Halahala poison

Shiva drinking Halahala poison

Similar to us, god also had faced sufferings in their life. The great Lord Shiva drank the HalaHala poison in order to safeguard the entire universe from destruction. Similar to that, Lord Vishnu also came down to the earth, and he had married Ma Padmavathi, and is dwelling in Tirupati, in order to shower his grace on us. Lord Dattatreya the incarnation of the Trimurtis lived like a sage and he was surrounded by dogs and cows, and lived a very pious and a saintly life.

Ma Parvati came down to the earth for several times, and meditated on Lord Shiva, and long back, she meditated in the present day Mangadu, by standing in the tip of the needle, which cannot be even imagined by us. She has several temples throughout India, and she shows great mercy on us, and she also acts as a mediator between us and Lord Shiva. Similar to our mother recommending to our father for the fulfillment of our various needs, Ma Parvathi also would ask her beloved consort Lord Shiva to satisfy our reasonable needs.

Apart from the almighty, the divine avatars like Rama, Krishna and Parasurama had suffered a lot. Parasurama never got married, and he spent most of his time in fighting with the kings, and his life was very miserable. He had to cut the head of his mother Renuka Devi, as per the orders of his father Jamadagni, and fought with Kartaviryarjuna and other kings, and finally now he has settled down in the holy Himalayan Mountain ranges, and still he is doing meditation on Lord Shiva. And it is believed that during the next Yuga, he would be one of the Saptarishis.

The great Madhwa Saint Guru Raghavendra, before becoming a Madhwa saint, had to leave his wife and his only son. He has done so, in order to shower his grace on his devotees. Likewise, Sri Shirdi SaiBaba used to take alms and he lived a very simple life. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa though he was an ardent devotee of Ma Kali, had suffered from severe throat cancer in the last stages of his life. Sri Ramana Maharishi had operated for removing a tumour on his arm, and similarly Kanchi Paramacharya had undergone cataract operation on his eyes.

From the above incidents, we can knew, how the great almighty and his divine incarnations had suffered a lot. Hence, whenever we suffer from any kind of problems in our life, let us stop screaming, and instead of that, let us keep praying to the great almighty.


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