Sudama (Kuchela), Krishna’s Childhood Friend

Sudama, also known as Kuchela, was a Brahmin childhood friend of Lord Krishna.The details about him were mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana.


Sudama was born in a poor Brahmin family. And both of them were studied under the same Gurukulam.

In course of time, Sudama had suffered from severe poverty, and his wife asked him to meet his friend Krishna, and to seek some financial help. He went to Dwaraka to visit his friend Krishna by carrying a bag of some flattened rice (AVAL) in order to give his simple offering to him,since Krishna’s favourite food item is AVAL.

Krishna welcomed his old friend in a grand manner. By seeing the Lord’s kindness, he could not speak about anything, and was thinking about the kindness and humbleness showed to him, even though he was a king.

But the Lord knows everything and fulfilled his wishes. But sudama got realized only when he reached his home. He finds a Luxury home in the place of his own hut. He also finds his wife and his children were dressed in royal clothes and waiting for him. Tears were flown from his eyes and prayed to Lord Krishna for showering his great blessings on him.


The friendship between Krishna and Sudamawas a great one. While Krishna was a divine avatar, sudama was a pious Brahmin, who also lived a noble life, and only visits his place, in case of emergency need. He thought only about krishna’s greatness and he never wants anything more than that.

He was wondering how a great king was offering a very good and kind service to him, and treating him in a good manner.

Krishna also knows about the behavior of Sudama, that he is learned scholar and a well- mannered and a soft spoken person. He respected his gentleness and his good behavior, and offered him all the riches in his life, even without being asked by him. From this incident, we can know the great nature of sudama, and how he had been suitably rewarded by the god.

Even if we worship the god, without asking him for our necessities, he will suitably reward us at the appropriate time.He knows everything, but we have to wait for the right time to receive the favors from him.

Let us worship the great Sudama and be blessed.

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