Story of Marut Chakravarti (King of Surya Vamsha)

Story of Marut Chakravarti… Marut Chakravarthi, the king of Surya Vamsha..

Marut Chakravarti not only controlled Sapta Dwipas but also the Sky, Prithvi, Pataala Lokas and all the ‘Jalasthaanaas’ or wherever water existed. He performed thousands of Yagnas under the supervision of Samvarta Muni the son of Angirasa Maharshi and the brother of Brihaspati the Deva Guru.

The Yagnas were lavish glittered with gold and jewellery. Brahmanas who were proverbially poor full of family needs and unfulfilled desires were surfeit with Dhana-Dhanya-Vastu-Vahana Kanakas or cash-foodgrains-material wealth-chariots, horses, elephants and other carriages.

The Chakravarti’s sovereignty was at peak when Dharma or Virtue reigned, human desires were nil, Varnashrama Rules were predominant, sins were the lowest and Peace and Contentment were the watch-words. In this idyllic atmosphere however, the ‘Raja Mata’ (Royal Grandmother) sent a precautionary note to Marut and his father Avikshith that there were some lapses in Security arrangements of the Empire as some stray cases of poison deaths of Brahmana Vidyarthis or Students by Nagas from Naga Loka.

This information infuriated the Chakravarti and made elaborate preparations to attack Naga loka and destroy it all together. The Naga Kings were worried and tightened the behaviour of the miscreant elements in Naga loka and apologised to the Chakravati who was however adamant. They also approached Aveekshith for intervention and protection.

Marut emphasised ‘Raja Dharma’ to protect his Subjects and decided to go ahead with the attack of the Naga Loka while the father pleaded mercy to the ‘Sharanaarthis’ or those who erred but sought pardon which too was an ‘Ashrita Dharma’ of Kshatriyas. Both the son and father took uncompromising postures and the ‘Raja Mata’ intervened and prevented ego-clashes of the Son and Father.

Meanwhile, those miscreant serpents were rattled that due to their mischief the entire Naga Race faced the huge problem of destruction and by utilising the Mantra Shakti of the Naga experts revived the lives of the dead Brahmana Vidyarthis thus putting a lid on the controversial storm.

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