Story of King Vidurath (Surya Vamsha King)

King Vidurath was a Surya Vamsha king. King Vidurath discovered a huge cavity of Earth in a forest in his Kingdom. A Muni in the forest informed that there was a demon of Patala called Kujrumbha made several such cavities in the forest through which the demon entered and killed the passers by including animals. The Muni however cautioned […]

Story of Marut Chakravarti (King of Surya Vamsha)

Story of Marut Chakravarti… Marut Chakravarthi, the king of Surya Vamsha.. Marut Chakravarti not only controlled Sapta Dwipas but also the Sky, Prithvi, Pataala Lokas and all the ‘Jalasthaanaas’ or wherever water existed. He performed thousands of Yagnas under the supervision of Samvarta Muni the son of Angirasa Maharshi and the brother of Brihaspati the […]

How to reach Kaleshwaram, Directions: Road, Trains

Kaleshwaram is a holy place where Sri Muktheshwara Swamy Temple located. Kaleshwaram Temple is situated in the border of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Kaleswaram village is in Mahadevpur mandal of Karimnagar district. Kaleshwaram is at a distance of 277 kilometers from Hyderabad, 125 kilometers from the town of Karimnagar, 115 kilometers from Warangal, and 60 kilometers […]

Kaleshwaram Pushkaralu 2013

Kaleshwaram Pushkaralu (Saraswati River Pushkaralu) are celebrated at Kaleshwaram Mukteshwara Swamy Temple from May 31, 2013 to June 11, 2013. For the first time, in 2010, Pushkaralu were held at Kaleshwaram (Pranahitha Pushkaralu). This time, Saraswati Pushkaralu are being held as the Pranahitha is the tributary of Narmada River which is associated with Saraswati River […]