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Sthala Puranam of Srikalahasti Temple is associated with the story of Shiva Pooja by a snake and an elephant. In Sanskrit, ‘Kala’ means the snake and the ‘Hasti’ means the elephant.

Here is the Sthala Puranam of Srikalahasti Temple..

In Treta yuga a Serpant from Pathala Worshipped the Lord Shiva with precious Stones daily. At the end of Treta Yuga and in the begining of Dwarapa yuga an Elephant also performed puja to him with Singular Devotion Daily.The Elephant took bath in  river Swarnamukhi and he brought water from river Swarnmukhi in its trunk for Abhishekam.He Performed Abhishekam  to Lord and did puja with flowers and Bilva Leaves.On the next day the Snake who observed that all the offerings are removed and thrown away The snake was much agreived.He removed the flowers and bilva leaves. Once again performed Puja with Precious Stones brought by him.
For sometime they both performed puja in their own way after removing  others puja materials . Time Elapsed.The serpent ,on seeing the removal of puja done by him grew wild.He decided to find who is responsabile  for such an act. He hid himself behind near by bush with anguish .As usual elephant arrived and started puja and thrown all stones.Watching the Elephant`s performance,the serpent grew wild and entered the trunk of the elephant .This sudden attack caused breathlessness for Elephant.1
 unable to bear the agony,the prayerful mammal touched the Lord as is last ritual. He then violently dashed against near by hillside. This resulted in death them. Both the serpent and elephant were bestowed with salvation  and merged with Lord.
  The benevolent Lord adorned with the symbols of three namely serppentine a top, two tusks in middle,resemblence of spider at bottom of his Lingam.Then onwards He is Known as Srikalahasteeswara with the names of these great devotees allover the world.

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