Srishti Ganapati (Srishti Ganesha)

Srishti Ganapati, Srishti Ganesha

Srishti Ganapati, Srishti Ganesha

Srishti Ganapati is the twenty third of the 32 forms of Lord Ganapati. Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu God worshipped in India and is believed to be the remover of all obstacles in the lives of his devotees.

In this form, the lord represents all the manifestation in the universe. The Lord appears in crimson red colour complexion with four hands and sits on his cooperative and happy Mooshika Vahana (rat). On his main right hand holds his broken tusk and on the main left hand holds a mango fruit. On the upper right hand holds an elephant goad, and the upper left hand holds a noose.

Jyestha Nakshatra is associated with this form of Ganapati. It is believed that worshipping this form of Ganapati will help the devotees to attain the power of discrimination.

Srishti Ganapati Mantra and its translation:

Pashankusha Svadantamraphalavan Akhuvahanaha

Vighnam Nihantu Nah Shonah Srishidaksho Vinayakaha

“Ganapati the Creator”, riding a big rat. He is red in colour. His has four arms. His hands hold the single tusk, the elephant goad, the noose and the mango.

The main temple associated with this form of Ganapati can be seen Arulmigu Swaminatha Swami Temple in Swamimalai near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. Also the temples in Chamarajanagar and Nanjangud in Mysore have all the 32 forms of Ganesha sculptures. This is one of the unique forms of the lord where he is associated with the creation of everything in the Universe. This is normally associated with Lord Brahma.

Srishti Ganapati Dhyana Mantra

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