Maha Shivaratri 2023 | Shivratri 2023 date

Shivratri or Maha Shivaratri is one of the major Hindu festivals celebrated with gaiety. In 2023, Maha Shivaratri date is February 18. Maha Shivaratri is observed on Krishna Paksha Trayodasi / Chaturdashi in Falgun month as per North Indian calendars and Krishna Trayodasi / Chaturdashi in Magha month as per Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra […]

Shivaratri Puja Procedure with Mantras | Simple MahaShivratri Pooja Procedure

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How to do Shivaratri Puja? Is there any simple method of Shivaratri puja procedure? Hindupad has got many queries regarding Shivaratri Puja procedure. Shivaratri is the biggest festival dedicated to Lord Shiva. MahaShivratri is observed on Chaturdashi in Magh month or Falgun month as per various traditional Hindu Calendars. Maha Shivaratri 2023 date is February […]

Maha Shivaratri Lingodbhava Kalam Timings, 18 February 2023

Lingodbhava Kalam is the auspicious time for Maha Shivaratri Shiva Puja. In 2023, Maha Shivaratri Lingodbhava Kalam Time will be on 18 February 2023 midnight, Thursday midnight (the early hours of 19 February according to Gregorian / English calendar). Maha Shivratri or Shivaratri is the most revered night dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shivalinga puja is […]

Shivaratri Puja Mantras: Stotras, Prayers to chant during Mahashivratri Puja Procedure

Shivaratri puja is one of the auspicious Hindu rituals to perform on Mahashivratri. There are some simple Shiva Mantras or stotras or prayers to chant during Shivaratri puja procedure. It is to note that Mahashivaratri 2016 date is March 7. Bilvashtakam, Lingshtakam, Shiva Astakam, Shiva Panchakshari mantram, Shiva Chalisa, Shiva Aarti, Shiva Sahasranama stotram are […]

Shivaratri Puja in Srisailam Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple

Shivaratri is observed on Magha Shukla Chaturdashi, the fourteenth day in Magha masam. In 2022, Mahashivaratri date is March 1. Shivaratri is celebrated in a grand manner in all Jyothirlingas in India. Among the 12 prominent abodes of Lord Shiva (Dwadasha Jyothirlingas), Srisailam is the most significant Shiva Shakti kshetram which is also known as […]

Srikalahasti Temple Brahmotsavam, Shivaratri Puja at Kalahasti Shiva Temple in Andhra Pradesh

Srikalahasti Kalahasthishwara swamy Temple is a famous Shiva temple in Andhra Pradesh and also known as one of the Panchabhoota Sthala, the five primordial temples of Lord Shiva. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated with utmost gaiety in Kalahasti temple. During Shivaratri, Brahmotsavam is observed for 14 days. Every day Lord Kalahastishwara and his consort Gnana Prasunambika are […]

What is Mahashivaratri, Why is Shivratri celebrated, Importance of Shivaratri

In the Puranas many stories and legends explain the origin and significance of the festival Maha Shivaratri. As per one legend, during the period of churning the ocean by the gods and the demons, a pot of poison (Kaal koot) emerged from the ocean. This sudden incident terrified the dev ganas and asura ganas as […]

Maha Shivratri Quotes by Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder of Art of Living

Here is the importance of Maha Shivaratri & quotes on Shivratri as told by Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder of Art of Living… Mahashivratri is the day when the Shiva tattva touches the ground, touches the earth. The consciousness which is always ten inches above the material ground; the aura, the ethereal world which is ten […]

Shivratri 2012, Maha Shivaratri 2012 date, Mahashivratri Festival

Shivratri, Maha Shivaratri is a major festival for Lord Shiva Puja. Maha Shivratri 2012 or Shivratri 2012 date is 20 February 2012. It falls on Masa Shivaratri day in February 2012. Shivaratri corresponds to Falgun Krishna Chaudas in North Indian calendar, and Magha Shukla Chaturdashi in Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada and Telugu calendars. Special pujas are performed in […]

Masa Shivaratri 2021 | Monthly Shivratri dates | Masik Shivratri

Masa Shivaratri is an auspicious day to perform Shiva Puja. It falls on Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi, a day prior to Amavasya or No Moon. Here you can get the list of Masa Shivaratri 2021 dates. Maha Shivaratri is observed on Masa Shivratri in Magh month as per Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, and Kannada Calendars; and in […]

Kumbh Mela 2010 – Important Kumbh Mela Snan dates and Festivals days

Kumbh Mela, the largest religious congregation in the world, takes place when the planet Jupiter or Guru enters into Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius) and the Sun enters into Mesha Rashi (Aries). The first important and auspicious Kumbh Mela snan is performed on Makara Sankranti (January 14, 2010). Mauni Amavasya, Basant Panchami, Magh Purnima, Maha Shivaratri, Somvati […]

What is the meaning of Mahashivaratri – Shivaratri Significance

Maha Shivaratri is the festival celebrated during the night and is completely dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is also known as the destroyer of evil and the remover of ignorance. The Puranas describe some stories to explain the myth about ‘why is Shivarathri celebrated during the night time. Maha Shivratri 2012 date is February 20. […]