Sri Viswanatha Iyer, ardent devotee of Guruvayurappan

Sri Viswanatha Iyer (20th century) was a native of Thrissur, and he was born in a pious Brahmin family. At his young age itself, he has specialised in studying the divine text Narayaneeyam and also read Srimad Bhagavatham and Ramayanam. Though he was born in a poor family, his mother used to provide food to the poor people and to the birds and animals like dogs, cats and crows, and she used to daily visit the Temples along with her son, and they used to perform milk bath to the holy Shivalingam. Sri Viswanatha Iyer was very innocent and a god fearing person.

At his teenage, he had got married with a pious and a chaste lady Parvati, and both of them lived like the divine couple Parvati and Parameshwaran. They used to feed food to the poor people, by adopting the principle,“GUESTS ARE LIKE GOD”.

In course of time, out of his marriage, he had 6 children, four daughters and two sons. He was running a small tiffin shop at his native place, and due to his kind attitude, his business began to boost up. As time passes, by taking advantage of his innocence, some of his friends, joined as partners in his business, and very soon they have looted lot of money from the hotel business, and made Vishwanatha Iyer into Bankrupt. Being an innocent and a soft spoken person, Viswanatha Iyer was unable to bear the cheating done by his friends, and hence he left his home town and went to the then Madras (Present day Chennai).

After reaching Madras, he sold the jewels of his wife Parvati, and built a small house for his family. He again started a small eatery and this time he has carefully ran his business, without allowing others to interfere in his business. With the grace of Lord Guruvayurappan, his business was flourished, and even the big cinema and political personalities began to wilfully eat in his restaurant due to the quality and the quantity of the tasty food served by Sri Viswanatha Iyer. He has settled down all of his children, and at the ripe age of 90, during the year 1980, he has attained the lotus feet of Lord Guruvayurappan. After his death, his hotel was sold by his wife, and presently, a textile shop is there in place of that hotel.


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