Pisharadi’s Beautiful Songs on Guruvayurappan

Guruvayurappan Guruvayur

Guruvayurappan Guruvayur

Pisharadi (16th century AD) was a great Sanskrit scholar and an astrologer, and he was the father in law of Narayana Bhattathiri. He is best remembered for adding more sweetness to the great Malayalam epic, “NARAYANEEYAM”, by giving his valuable suggestions to Narayana Bhattathiri.

As per the wishes of Bhattathiri, Pisharadi had accepted him as his disciple, and he taught the Vedic subjects to him including Bhagavatham and Bhagavat Gita. But since he didn’t receive any Guru Dakshina from his disciple Bhattathiri, he began to suffer from severe paralysis. Unable to see the suffering of Pisharadi, Bhattathiri had advised him to compose divine songs on Lord Guruvayurappan. Similarly Pisharadi has also composed nice songs on the Lord, and Bhattathiri also took the disease of Pisharadi on his body, by sprinkling the holy water and also by chanting the divine mantras of Lord Guruvayurappan. Within a few days, Pisharadi had completely got relieved from his ailment, but at the same time, Bhattathiri began to suffer from Paralysis. Immediately he took permission from Pisharadi, went to Guruvayur Temple, stayed there, and began to write the wonderful epic Narayaneeyam, and it was acknowledged by Lord Krishna himself. After the completion of Narayaneeyam, Bhattathiri had got relieved from his disease, and he looked very healthy and handsome.

Some of the nice contents present in the Divine song are as follows:-

Just by visiting your temple at least once in our life time, we would get relieved from our sins committed in our previous births. Oh Lord of Gururvayurappa, we are saluting you.

After seeing your divine body decorated with valuable ornaments and flower garlands, I could not take my eyes from you.

Oh the great Lord Krishna who had lifted the Govardhan Mountain very easily, we are saluting you.

You are eagerly taking the bath in the Holy River Yamuna, and the melodious noise raised by your flute is really astounding.

Oh Lord Guruvayurappa, we are saluting you for your attractive divine features.

Oh My Lord, I have been thinking about your Leelas made during the Dwapara Yuga, like stealing of butter, killing of demons, mischievous acts played by you with the cowherds and the Gopikas.

Oh Gopala, Mukunda, Achuta, Narayana, we are saluting you for your extraordinary powers.
When you playfully break the butter pots, and when you receive scolding from your mother Yashoda, you stood before her like an innocent boy.

Oh Govinda, Krishna, Murari, we are saluting you for your mesmerising divine smile.

When your peacock feather adorning your hair fell down, all the Gopikas were fought between themselves to pick up the feather, in order to owe it themselves. Oh Lord Krishna who plays the divine game in the earth, we are saluting you.

When you wear the garlands of flowers which were given by the Gopikas with great devotion, you have accepted it, and also you have hugged them like a mother, and granted immense blessings to them.

By chanting your divine names and your divine mantras, we are getting great pleasure, which we cannot get it anywhere else.

Oh Sridhara, we are saluting you.

Oh Narayana, you are the one who destroys all our sins, and grants us
salvation, we are saluting you.

Oh Lord Krishna, those who call you during the times of troubles, would be surely protected by you.

Oh My Lord Guruvayurappa, my little playful boy, and my lovely child, I want to embrace you and kiss you, and I want to always keep you on my lap.

Oh My Lord, I can see the delicious divine nectar flows from your mouth, and we want to drink it.

Oh My Dear Krishna, please once again incarnate in this earth, and show again your playful acts, since we are all eagerly waiting for seeing your divine plays.


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