Mookambika, Ardent devotee of Guruvayurappan

Mookambika was born and brought up at a village in Guruvayur. She was born in a pious Malayali Brahmin family during 18th century AD. Her father served as a priest in a nearby Vinayaka Temple, and he also served as a Brahmin Pundit, by participating in the temples pujas and in marriage and other auspicious ceremonies by chanting the Vedic Mantras, for the nearby villagers.All of the family members of Mookambika were ardent devotees of Lord Guruvayurappan.

After reaching her teenage, Mookambika was got married with a landlord, and she wasproperly treated by her in-laws. In course of time, she had delivered two beautiful male children, through the grace of Lord Guruvayurappan. Even after entering into family life, she never forgets about Lord Krishna, and she kept chanting the wonderful names of Krishna, in her leisure hours. Suddenly severe drought situation was arisen at her village, and due to that, there was no harvest in their farm lands. Soon, Mookambika’s husband began to sell all of their farm lands, and after a few years, he has become a labourer, and worked as a farmer in the lands of the nearby wealthy landlords. Still then, Mookambika didn’t lose hope, and she also worked along with her husband in the farm lands.

She got the practice of regularly donating some money to the Guruvayur Temple, and she has continued the practice, even though she has become very poor. One day, she didn’t find any money to donate to the temple, and hence she removed the gold from her Mangalsutra and donated it to the temple.

Pleased by her sincere devotion, after some time, Lord Krishna appeared before her in his original form, returned the Mangalsutra to her, and also gave a potful of gold coins as a token of appreciating her great bhakti towards him. Mookambika was very much delighted on getting the divine vision of Lord Krishna, she willfully accepted the offerings of the god, conveyed it to the temple authorities, her neighbours and to her family members. With the money given by Lord Krishna, they have again become rich, and they began to perform annadanam regularly to the devotees of Lord Guruvayurappan in the Guruvayur Temple premises.

Let us worship Lord Guruvayurappan, and let us praise his glories, chant his names and mantras, and be blessed.


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