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Sri Rama Navami 2018 at Bhadrachalam Temple, Brahmotsavam & Sita Rama Kalyanam

Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Navami 2018 2 no-watermark

Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Navami 2018 2 no-watermark

Bhadrachalam Sri Sita Ramachandra swamy Temple is the most popular holy place to celebrate Sri Rama Navami, Sri Rama Brahmotsavam and Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam. In 2018, Vasanta Paksha Thirukalyana Brahmotsavalu are celebrated from March 18 to April 1.

Among all the events during Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Brahmotsavam, Sri Rama Navami and Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam utsavams attract lakhs of devotees from all parts of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, and many other regions.

Sri Ramanavami Puja Muhurtham 2018

Sri Rama Punarvasu Deeksha is the major ritual observed during Sri Rama Navami and it ends with Sri Rama Deeksha Viramana.

Rama Navami 2018 date is March 26. Here is the timetable or schedule of Sri Rama Navami utsavam in Bhadrachalam Temple:

March 18, 2018 – Ugaadi, Thiruveedhi Seva

March 22, 2018 – Ankuraaropanam, Thiruveedhi Seva

March 23, 2018 – Thiruveedhi Seva

March 24, 2018 – Agni Prathistha, Dhwajaarohanam

March 25, 2018 – Edurkolu, Garudavaahana Seva

March 26, 2018 – Sri Rama Navami Kalyanam, Sri Rama Deeksha Praarambham

March 27, 2018 – Mahaa Pattabhishekam

March 28, 2018 – Sadasyam, Hamsavaahana Seva

March 29, 2018 – Theppotsavam, Chorotsavam, Aswavaahana Seva

March 30, 2018 – Uunjhal Utsavam, Simhavaahana Seva

March 31, 2018 – Vasantotsavam, Havanam, Gajavaahana Seva

April 11, 2018 – Chakratheertham, Poornaahuthi

Note: Due to Brahmotsavams, Nithya Kalyaanam will not performed from March 18 to April 1, 2018.

Check out the Invitation of Sri Ramanavami Utsavalu 2018…


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