‘Sri Krishna Karnamrutham’ by Bilvamangala Swami Thakura (Lilasuka)

Lord Krishna deity in ISKCON temple

Lord Krishna deity in ISKCON temple

Sri Krishna Karnamrutam was the famous work rendered by the great saint and Sri Krishna Devotee, Shree Bilvamangala Swami, who was also popularly known as Vilvamangalam Swamigal and Bilwamangala Thakura. Sri Swamigal was also known as Lilasuka, since he has written the wonderful Leelas played by Lord Krishna in his Divine Text, Sri Krishna Karnamrutham. The word Karnamruta means ‘showering the divine nectar into the ears’. Lilasuka compares Lord Krishna with the Divine nectar, and he also further adds that whosoever chants the names of Lord Krishna would get the sweetness of tasting the divine nectar. Sri Vilvamangalam Swamigal (1268-1369) was a great saint, poet and a devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan, a form of Lord Krishna. He was born in a village in Trichur District at Kerala. He has written many devotional poems in praise of Lord Krishna, and sung in front of the Guruvayurappan deity at his famous temple in Kerala.

Similar to the Holy Rishi Sukha, who has told the divine Leelas of Lord Krishna to King Parikshit in the Bhagavat Purana, Bilva Mangala Swamigal has also wonderful explained the divine plays performed by Lord Krishna in his text, Sri Krishna Karnamirtham, and hence he has got the name Lilasuka. Lilasuka was born in a Shaivite family, but he became a devotee of Krishna, since he has inspired with the good qualities of Lord Krishna. After studying the holy text, Bhagavatham, he was addicted with Lord Krishna, and he has also become one of the staunch devotees of Lord Krishna like Sri Narayana Bhattathiri, the author of Sri Narayaniyam, Poonthanam and Vasudeva Nambudiri.

In his text, Krishna Karnamrutham, Leela Sukhar mentions Lord Krishna as the wish-fulfiller and the heart dweller. There are about 328 slokas in this masterwork work. Those who study this divine work wrote by Sri Leelasuka would get the opportunity to live in the Holy Vaikunta for long period of time.

Some of the excerpts from the wonderful text, Sri Krishna Karnamirtham are as follows:-

Oh, Gopalaa, the bright son of Sri Vasudeva, you are very much capable of destroying the demons like Kamsa and Shisubala. You gave joy to everyone in the universe, and we praise you for ever in our lives. Even if you give me poison from your lotus hands, it would taste me like the divine nectar.

You have been seen decorated with various flowers, which adds much more beauty, and those flowers have attained great significance since you were worn those on your head. Even if you really fight with me, I would consider it as one of your playful activities.

You are shining with sparkling garlands and jewels. You contain dark hair and you contain a very bright face which can be compared to thousands and thousands of suns. Even without applying scent, your body gives a good smell, which attracts everybody. Even if you remove my eyes with your little hands, I would never hate you, since I would be able to see your divine beauty through my soul. Your hair is wonderfully decorated with peacock feathers. I want to see you once again in your child form, and I want to witness your lovely sleep in a comfortable bed. Even if you hate me, I would consider it as the love shown by you.

I am finding very much happiness by singing your songs, Hey Krishna you are called by various names such as Achyuta, Keshava, Narayana, Damodara, Vasudeva, Shridhara and Madhava. Even if you make me to starve without food, I would imagine myself as if I ate food from your lovely hands.

I offer my humble salutations to the great Lord Krishna who loves his cowherd friends, who contains dark blue complexion, oh my Krishna Raja, please protect me, and kindly relieve me from this difficult life, and help me to cross this ocean of life. Even if you make me to take birth as an ant, with my tiny mouth, I would carry some food particle, in order to give it to you in your temple.

I salute you, My Lord, who is the giver of happiness and the remover of sorrows. You have been praised in all the fourteen worlds, and appear more beautiful even than the celestial Devas. Even if I have been surrounded with thieves, I would never worry for that, since my dear immortal thief, Lord Krishna, the one who used to steal butter from neighbourhood, is there to protect me always from these mortal thieves.

Oh my lotus-eyed Krishna, you are the gentle cowherd, who used to kindly treat the cows. Please once again come to this earth to take care of the innocent cows and the innocent people. Even if I have been asked to sleep in the bed of thorns, I would consider it as a bed of rose flowers, since due to your grace, even the thorns appears to me in the form of rose.

Oh Krishna, your thoughts are fully filled up in my heart, oh I am really scared that whether you have been suffering from any evil eye problems, since most of the people are jealous on seeing your divine beauty. Even if I suffer from any dangerous disease, my mouth would always keep chanting about you, till my death.

Oh Krishna, I do not have any desire, except to see your beauty again and again, and the music which comes from your flute increases my heart beats, and it makes me to listen to your flute music again and again. Even if I take the birth of a small insect, I want to dwell only on your idol.

Oh my handsome Krishna, you are very playful, but you contain very good qualities, like sharing your food with your friends, animals and birds. Even if I lose my legs, with my hands I would crawl like a child, in order to visit you at your temple.


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