Sri Kalahasti Temple – the only Temple remain open during Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse

Sri Kalahasti Shiva Temple is the only temple which remains open during Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse. Every temple in the area where the Surya Grahanam or Chandra Grahanam takes place or show its effect remains closed. But, because of the association with Rahu and Ketu (two prominent Grahams in Hindu Jyotishyam) the temple remains closed at the time of Grahans.

During Grahan time, devotees offer Abhishekam to Rahu and Ketu in Kalahasti Temple to pacify the two celestial Gods of Hindu Astrology. Various Shanti pujas and Japas are performed during the Grahan at Sri Kalahasti temple.

Why Temples remain closed during Surya Grahan or Chandra Grahanam

Rahu Ketu Puajas at Sri Kalahasti Temple

Best days for Rahu Ketu Sarpadosha Poojas at Kalahasti Temple

Abhishekam Timings at Kalahasti Temple

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  1. Amar says:

    why kalahasti temple do not close during grahan

  2. Saptanshu says:

    Sri kala hasti temple will be open on eclipse day 25/04/2013

  3. Supriya says:

    why sri kalahasthi temple will not close at grahanam time

  4. Arka says:

    why the srikalahasti temple doesnt close on lunar eclipse