Rahu Ketu Sarpa dosha Nivarana Puja at Sri Kalahasti Temple

Rahu Ketu Sarpa dosha Nivarana Puja at Sri Kalahasti Temple, Rahu Ketu Sarpa dosha nivarana puja, Rahu Ketu shanti puja, Kaala sarpadosha puja, Kalasarpa puja.

Rahu Ketu Sarpa dosha nivarana puja or Rahu Ketu shanti puja, also known as Kaala sarpadosha puja, is one of the important puja rituals performed in Sri Kalahasti temple which is dedicated to Sri Kalahasteeshwara swamy.

It is also performed separately like – Rahu graham nivarana puja, Ketu graha nivarana puja, or Sarpa dosha nivarana puja or Sarpa samskara puja. It is believed that performing this puja at Rahu kaalam would be more fruitful.

Price for these special pujas may vary from place of puja performing in the temple. Those who perform sarpa dosha puja or rahu ketu dosha nivarana puja within the temple premises may be charged more than those who perform this puja outside the temple.

Srikalahasti Temple

Srikalahasti Temple

Devotees recite ‘navagraha kavacham’, the popular mantram dedicated to Navagrahas, during the puja to Sri Kalahasteeshwara swamy. Kuja dosha pujas are also held in the temple. Those who are suffering from late marriages can contact the temple authorities for this puja.

Srikalahasti temple addresses and phone numbers (contact information):

Temple Address:
Sri Kalahastiswaraswamy vari Devastanam
Chittoor District. Andhra Pradhesh
PIN: 517644

Telephone: 085

78-221655, 222787

Temple Executive Officer Info – Phone: (8578)221140, 221185, 221336, 222430, 222510

According to the official website of Srikalahasti Temple…

Srikalahasteeswara Swamy Temple is reputed. as the Rahu – kethu Kshetra, If the People who have Rahu Kethu Doshas and sarpa Doshas the unmarried and No Children and those who are facing various problems for a long period perform the most effective “Rahu – Kethu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja” in this Temple all the Doshas get removed and desired results occur. Thousands of devotees from the country and abroad perform this puja and fulfil their vows again and again after receiving good results.

Rahu – Kethu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja Can be performed daily between 6.30a.m and 9.00p.m.

S.No Seva/Darshan Peformed at Price
1 Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja (Rahu Kethu Pooja) Surroundings of the Temple 300
2 Special Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja (Special Rahu Kethu Pooja) At Nagari Kumarula Mandapam 750
3 Special Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja (Rahu Kethu Pooja) beside addala mandapam 1500
4 Special Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja (Rahu Kethu Pooja) inside temple 2500

Note: Puja Samagri, Naga Padigalu arranged by Srikalahasti Devastanam only.

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  1. Nabendu Roy says:

    I want to give special sarpa dosha puja at Nagari Kumarula Mandapam ( @ 750/- )
    for my father in law

  2. Lakshmi says:

    I would like to know kujadosha puja that can be performed in a person’s name without coming there. If it is possible please let me know the details.

  3. devender reddy vemula says:

    Hi ,
    I am living in other country so i couldn’t come and perform the naga sarpa dosha nivarana puja personally so i want to know is their any way that someone like priest will be doing the the naga sarpa dosha nivarana puja behalf of me if i pay . Please respond to my query.
    Thank you

  4. Subhash goud D says:

    I want to known about Kala saradhi sham pooja details, timings, & pooja damaged please tell me.
    Thank you.

  5. prakashbabu says:

    Please let me know the charges

  6. sarpa dosha nivarana pooja should be done in Rahu kaalam or any time on Saturday

  7. Devananda Ratnakar says:

    First time I am coming to kalhasthi temple for performing kal sarpa dosha nirvana puja please suggest to me how can apporch to do puja

  8. Kiran says:

    I would like to do Sarpa dosha puja on 08/01/2016 at Srikalahasti. Could you please let me know prerequisites to do this puja. Should i go back to my home once it get completed, can i go to other temples like Tirumala. Should i not carry the colthes that wore during the puja.

  9. nandish says:

    Hello, how to get the pujari for pooja and whom to contact when we arrive their for Rahuketu pooja

  10. Hello sir,
    Myself Niraj from chennai willing to do this puja at sri Kalahasti kindly please let me know the initial things which I have to take care mostly prior puja and after puja.

  11. I heard that after doing the rahu-ketu sarpa dosha nirvana puja one should not go to any temple but should go back to his house. Also he should not carry the clothes that he wore during the puja. Is it so. I plan to come to Kalahasti next week. I also plan to go to Tirupati after that. Please advise.

  12. Want to do sarp dosh nivaran pooja when should i come, timing and how much cost will be come,i m from bangalore

  13. Radha says:

    Is rahu ketu and kaala sarpa dosha and sarpa dosha are all the same….y bcoz we completed pooja at srikalahasthi…more than 6 months completed….but no results…we r facing more problems now….one pujari said that kala sarpa dosha is different….asking to again do kaam sarpa dosha nivaran pooja

  14. Margarita says:

    Live in BUENOS AIRES- ARGENTINA- please could indicate how do I apply for RAHU-POOJA eclipse 27-28-/09/2015, personal details and cost in USS to pay with VISA-PAY-PAL thank you-Margarita

  15. Kumar Kumar says:

    Want to do sarpa dosha nivarana pooja when should I come. timings. and who much cost will be.

  16. harshitha says:

    Can u pls let me knw hw to book online for kala sarpa dosha pooja

  17. V.S.S.REDDY says:



    i want book rahu ketha pooja 19/07/2015 2names Raghuraj bhat and subramanya hegde
    19/7/2015 after noon 4.30pm
    my contect no 8050803170
    from bangalore
    or reply
    my mail

  19. Vijaya Laxmi says:

    Information is good. But i have one doubt. At amavasya day can we do sarpadosha nivarana pooja. Please reply me.

  20. kasina sathyanarayana says:

    Dear sir,Medam pls today kalasarapa dhosa pariham 300/-rs ticket pls book sir I am in sullurpeta no waikals pls pls

  21. MR.A.MANI says:

    Sir, we decide to do rahu-kedu pooja at srikakahasthi temple. Can we book the pooja tickets in advance for 13th June 2015.

  22. g.shangarappa says:

    as we are planning to do nagapratistha at the temple can please give us some guide lines about the timing and expenditure as we have to come from trichy tamilnadu.please do need ful to do the process.if possible can you give the contact details
    my contact number –09942989059

  23. rathna says:

    Sir/madam, I could not find out whether sarpa dosha nivarana puja done on purnima day will be auspicious or not.

  24. sudha says:

    hi, i am sudha at chennai. can u reply me about raghu, kethu pooja, sarpa dosha pooja at kalahasti tickets online booking and it can be done on full moon day at coming 18.04.2015

  25. K Seshu Babu says:

    Willing to donate saree to nagadevata or nagamma. If i take naga dosha nivarana puja ticket , will the puja meterial given by temple include saree ? Pl explain.

  26. r.jagadeshkumar says:

    Sir,iam in tamilnadu vellore I have ragu Kathu puja ticket today 04,30pm,06,30pm.in online biking rs.1000,

  27. surekha says:

    Hello sir,
    I am from Hyderabad and I want to perform rahu-ketu pooja in srikalahasti. AfterAfter completing pooja can I visit thirutanni subramanya swamy temple.
    Thank you

  28. Suresh Agrawal says:

    Want to do pooja at kalahasti temple for my daughter whose birthday is 30th June 1986 time 1301 pm, place mumbai, maharashtra, please advise how we should do it, we are from mumbai,

  29. venkat says:

    i am calling to u not received the phone so why u r given the contact nos,

  30. T.Nageswararao says:

    pl.arrange Rahu-Kethu-Sarpa dosha nivarana puja details in the yearly special days timings in the years 2014-2015

  31. Uday Kiran says:

    Hello Guys, Instead of going kalahasti temple for Kalasarpa or nagadosham, it is bettet to do it at any nearest temple in your home town. they are not performing the pooja in correct manner and it is really irritates you by sitting and performing the pooja with no of pepole. So Guys as of my experience I can say that it is better to keep quite instead of perfoming pooja until they change the pooja vidhan.

  32. vinod kumar says:

    What is the cost for kalasarpadosha pooja and when can we come plz reaply

  33. Santha says:


    I would like perform ragu kethu poja on February 2015. How i can know the best date Nd time according my jatagam details. Is the any dress code or color. Do i need get appointment before coming. Or do i need be vegetarian to do this poja. Kindly advise others issue to do also

  34. K.LATA says:

    when can kala sarpa dosha puja can be performed? Any dvance booking? there is no responst to phones.

  35. Sreenivasa Sarma says:

    how to rahu ketu pooja tickets online at Sri kalahasthi

  36. Tarakini says:

    www is the puja for sarpa dosham done daily in srikalahasthi

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    best time to do naga dosha pooja at srikalahasti in september 2013

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    how much cost telugu of rahu ketu in srikalahasti

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    should i book in advance to perform a pooja in kalahasthi

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    is it better to do sarpa samskara at subramanya or kalahasti

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  46. Tapni says:

    kalahasti temple important days and date of amavasya and sunday amavasya

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    kala sarpa dosha nivarana pooja at srikalahasti stories

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    is it good both girl and boy get marry with naga dosa

  49. Kireet says:

    rahu ketu shanti can be done by sarpa samskara

  50. Vibhi says:

    approx cost for naga sarpa shanti pooja in kalahasti

  51. Vagindra says:

    2013 which day is auspicious to perform rahu ketu pooja to perform rahu ketu pooja

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    what is rahu ketu pooja at kalahasti for

  53. Adhira says:

    kalahasti temple – the fees to do pooja

  54. Sattviki says:


  55. Jina says:

    sri kalahastheeswara swamy temple sarpa dosha nivarana pooja details

  56. Adwita says:

    how to find rahu ketu dosha thru online

  57. Prabhanjan says:

    which day is auspicious to do kalasarpa shanthi in kalahasti

  58. Somashekhar says:

    best day and time to perform kalahasti pooja

  59. Upada says:

    BEST days to visit Sri Kalahasti temple in 2013

  60. Neeraf says:

    how to book for sarpa pooja at kalahasthi

  61. Chaitaly says:

    rahu ketu puja can be done on july month

  62. Shashi says:

    auspicious days in july 2013 for doing rahu ketu pooja at srikalahasti

  63. Vaijnath says:

    both husband and wife need to perform rahu ketu pooja seperately in srikalahati?

  64. Jyotirmaya says:

    rahu ketu puja srikalahasti no visit to any temple only on shasthi after amavasya

  65. Mayra says:

    which is best day and time to do kala sarpa dosha in july 2013?

  66. Mehak says:

    rahu-ketu sarpa dosha nivarana puja day in july

  67. Tanveer says:

    which day is good to do naga dosha pooja in kalahasthi

  68. Damyanti says:

    which day is most preferable day for raghu kethu dosha nivaran

  69. Mahit says:

    kalahasti on no moon day in july 2013

  70. Ekodar says:

    srikalahasti temple rahu ketu pooja timings sunday amavasya

  71. Ketan says:

    after effects of rahu ketu shanti in kalahasthi

  72. Kapirath says:

    auspicious day to perform rahu ketu pooja in july 2013 at srikalahasthi

  73. Bhoj says:

    which day is auspocious for Rahu ketu pooja

  74. Suma says:

    why is srikalahasti famous for rahu ketu dosha puja

  75. Rajan says:

    best dates for rahuvu pooja in kalahasti in june month 2013

  76. Priyaka says:

    do we require to book for rahu ketu pooja in advance??

  77. Kirtin says:

    sarpa dosha nivarana pooja should be performed on full moon day

  78. Soumava says:

    can we visit any temple before going to sri kalahasti for rahuketu puja

  79. Rand says:

    can kalasarpa dosha pooja be done on full moon day

  80. Jaldev says:

    srikalahasti miracles achieved after pooja done in the temple

  81. Avyukt says:

    kalahasthiswar temple rahu pooja timing on 18 june 2013

  82. Nalesh says:

    rahu kalam time on 25th june in srikalahasti

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    srikalahasti temple kuja dosha puja timings and details

  84. Jay says:

    english tourguide to rahu/ketu puja service @ kalahasti temple

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    best day for rahu ketu pooja in kalahasti in 2013

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    best day for rahu ketu pooja in kalahasti in july 2013

  87. Mehtab says:

    best day for rahu ketu pooja in kalahasti in june 2013

  88. Anasuya says:

    which day is good for rahu kethu pooja in this month

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    in kalahastri shall we need to book for navagraha dosha pooja

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    kaala sharpa thosa parigaram in tamil you tube

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    how to do srikalahasti kuja dosha parihara pooja in telugu

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    which are the important days to go to kalahasthi poja

  93. Ipsa says:

    which place is most suitable for for rahu ketu sarpa dosha nivarana pooja

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    rahu ketu pooja will be performed in chandra grahan pourami day

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    results after doing rahu ketu pooja in srikalahasti

  96. Kasish says:

    sri kalahasti kala sarpa dosha pooja tickits booking online

  97. Dhana says:

    I m going to Sri Kalahasti for the prayers. Just wanna know how much it cost for vip treatment with a priest and the procedure to conduct.

  98. Shibhya says:

    what is importance of rahu kala pooja in telugu

  99. Harshita says:

    www sarpa dosa nivarana poojalu n telughu com

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    special predictions of rahu & ketu pdf books

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    brahmins contact number in kalahasti to perform puja

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    procedure for rahu kethu puja in srikalahasteeswara temple

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    sarpa dosha nivarana pooja at kalahasti timings and dates 2013

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    steps to do rahu kalam pooja in home in tamil

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    How much cast of ragu kethu thosam parigaram in kalasthre temple

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    when did the kalasarpa dosha puja perfomer in kalasthi

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    kuja dosha nivarana vidhanam in free telugu mp3

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    rahuvu kuja pooja at srikalahasti tickets online booking

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    which day is better to do rahu ketu dosh nivaran

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    Which is best temple for sury grahan dosh pooja

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    How to online booking for kalahasti temple pooja

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    can rahu-ketu nivaran pooja be done on ekadasi

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    how to do kal sarp puja at srikalahasti

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    do we need to book the pooja in advance at kalasthi temple

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    best time to perform sarpa shanti in srikalahasti

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    is there any advance booking to perform kala hasti pooja at kalahasti

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    the auspicious day for Rahu ketu pooja in Srikalahasti in May month

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    which is the auspicious day for rahuketu pooja

  120. abhinay says:

    can u please tell me the timings of sarpa dosha nivarana puja and is it necessary to book the tickets through online,
    please need helpful in visiting the kalahasthi temple

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    contact numbers to enquire regarding sarpa dosha pooja at kalahasthi

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    how to perform rahu ketu pooja at srikalahasti in tamil

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    should rahu ketu sarpa nivaran puja done on sashti day

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    y rahu ketu shanthi is done in kalastri

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    any swamyji is there to perform grahadosha pooja in kalahasti temple

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    srikalahasti temple rahu ketu puja timings on 25th april 2013

  127. Akshi says:

    rahu – kethu sarpa dosha nivarana puja can be performed daily between 6 30a m and 9 00p m on payment of rs 250/- 600/- 1000/- 1500/ diffrence between

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    sreekalahasti temple auspicious date for doing sarpa santhi

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    sri kalahasteeswara swamy temple rahu ketu pooja details



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    abt online booking of Rahu ketu pooja :can we go for online booking of poja or should we have to visit the temple directly is there such pooja on 27th of january 2013 which is a poornima(full moon day)

  158. padmaja says:

    Iam padmaja pls tell me how to do kalasarpa dosham pooja in srikalahasti at what cost

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