Spiritual Thoughts

People with positive thinking generally would actively perform their tasks and achieve the desired results. Whereas, negative thinking can gives sickness to us, brings tensions and worries and prevents us from taking necessary actions to achieve our goals. Positive thoughts can be developed easily by keeping our soul on Lord Krishna. By thinking about his childhood leelas and about his wonderful miracles in the Vrindavan in the previous dwapara Yuga, positive thoughts would automatically flows in our mind, and soon we could develop spiritual thoughts in our mind.

It is important to remove the negative thoughts from our mind, since they could hinder our actions. Negative thoughts would destroy our good qualities, and make us to develop bad habits in course of time.

Positive thinking can be developed, by regularly motivating ourselves and by keep on telling the mantra in our mind, that “I AM HAVING THE REQUIRED SKILLS WITH ME. ONE DAY I WILL SURELY WIN”.

Negative thinking would make us to lose our lives, and it may destroy our peace of mind.According to a recent study, most of the people who are having negative thoughts are making suicide attempts.

But removing the negative thoughts which was already struck in our mind is very difficult. It can be made possible only by diverting our attention in the path of spirituality. Since the kind and the great almighty can do wonders in our life, and through his blessings, we can easily remove our negative thoughts and can fill up with spiritual and positive thoughts in our mind.

As per the teachings of Lord Krishna, we must have to keep on thinking and thinking about the almighty, even when we are in happy mood or in dull mood. Doing such a practice would reduce the depression in our mind, and positive thoughts would automatically flow up in our mind.

In general, each and every person would be having his own talents, and in his individual capacity he would be a good performer. But due to some situations, he might have faced only the darkness in his life. In order to remove the darkness and to bring the shining light in our life, we must have to seek the help of the god, by doing prayers, pujas and meditation.

We must have to remember the proverb, “When god is with us who can be against us”, and let us live our life peacefully and happily for ever.


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