Conscious Understanding, Thoughts of Sri Srila Prabhupada

Sri Srila Prabhupada (Founder of ISKCON Temples and Bhakti Vedanta) mentioned about conscious understanding in one of the speeches of him. Undoubtedly the soul is present in the heart of the living entity, and it is the source of all the energies for maintaining the body. The energy of the soul is spread all over the body, and this is known as consciousness.

Since this consciousness spreads the energy of the soul all over the body, one can feel pains and pleasures in any part of the body. The soul is individual, and he is transmigrating from one body to another, just as a person transmigrates from babyhood to childhood, from childhood to boyhood, from boyhood to youth, and then to advanced old age.

Then the change called death takes place when we change to a new body, just as we change our old dress to a new dress. This is called transmigration of the soul.

Sri Srila Prabhupada

Sri Srila Prabhupada

When a soul wants to enjoy this material world, forgetting his real home in the spiritual world, he takes this life of hard struggle for existence. This unnatural life of repeated birth, death, disease, and old age can be stopped when his consciousness is dovetailed with the supreme consciousness of God.

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